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Lunch at Chimarrão - How It Went

On the last 16th September, another socializing lunch among the members of Elvis 100% took place, this time at O Chimarrão Restaurant, at the Shopping Mall Almada Forum. The meeting point was the entrance of the cinema and it was fun to see old faces which we weren't expecting to find and new faces as well. While we were waiting for the whole group to ensemble, one lady in her mid-sixties started to come closer, very shyly, showing interest by what was going on and, mainly, by the Elvis articles which, as it's natural in these meetings, were being shared among the people. This lady, to whom we asked if she liked Elvis, confirmed that she did and we also gave her a key-ring of the King, the one she liked best, since no Elvis fan left without a souvenir.

Legends: Fernanda Bacelar and Maria Antónia Pereira, essential and nice presences; Fernanda Ramos' sister, who is also an Elvis fan and Daniel Bacelar, great friend and supporter of Elvis 100%.

Inside Chimarrão, they were very nice, since they put three tables together in order for us to stay close to each other, even though the chosen modality to eat was the "full plate" and they only do this type of thing for the "caster" modality. We thank all the employees of Chimarrão for their kindness and, mainly, for the niceness of our waiter.

: Fernanda Ramos, always present in all fan club's events; Virgínia Rebelo, she came from far, but she marked her presence and José Rodrigues, Virgínia's husband.

We thank all members and friends who came by, those that can be seen in these photos. The lunch was very nice as was the socializing among the fans. After lunch there was still time for some of us to visit Fnac, where some fans took the chance to buy some Elvistic articles. The day ended at the shopping mall's garden, where one of its most beautiful symbols lays, the mirrored mermaid.

Promises for new meetings were done, meetings that quite often happen even "out" the fan club's "events", since the great privilege of belonging to a group like this involves the big friendships that flourish and develop.

Legends: Paula Silva, who surprised us with her visit; Miguel Domingues, a new and quite welcome face; and our nice waiter.

Legends: Ana Rita Simões and Marta Sofia Simões, still with time to play during lunchtime.

: Ricardo Silva and Cláudia Silva, between two photos of the Elvis key-rings that we have offered all members.

Legend: Photo group (from left to right): Ricardo Silva, Marta Simões, José João Simões, Virgínia Rebelo, Fernanda Ramos, Daniel Bacelar, Fernanda Bacelar, Maria Antónia Pereira, José Rodrigues, Ana Rita Simões, Paula Silva, Cláudia Silva, Célia Carvalho and Ana Isabel Domingues (antoher new face, to whom we give our warmest welcome).


Our appreciation goes to Ana Isabel Domingues for the photos she supplied and to all of you who, not having been able to attend, called and/or wrote us regretting that fact and wishing a nice lunch/day to all the ones who did show up. We hope to see you all in the near future!

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