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Dinner / Party at D'Alma Lounge - 18/08/07 - How it Went

When, by suggestion of our member, Carlos Silva, we approached the bar/restaurant D'Alma Lounge, to mark the 30th Anniversary over Elvis's death, the initiative was totally supported. It seemed an appropriate place, since they had a big screen for projections, a mixing table for a party and they also had meals available. Therefore, on the 18th, after intense publicity through the Internet (and if more wasn't done so to promote our iniatives, it was due to an IT problem that took place in an awful timing!) and also through the radio (Renascença Radio), we all met there: members of the fan club and also Elvis admirers and of an whole generation that he and other followers marked.

Legends: The always present, Maria Antónia Pereira and Serafim Cortizo / Carlos Silva and Paula Silva, winner of the DVD's raffle, Elvis '68 Comeback.

Some members came from farway, such as Victor Rodrigues and his respective family (Carla, Daniel and Verónica), who came from Tábua. And there's also the case of Carlos Silva (we had two Carlos Silva's there!) who, in order to take his wife (Paula Silva) and remaining family who are also fans (Conceição Silva, Ricardo and Cláudia) to our event, he came from Spain! And they had some trouble along the way, such as a flat tire... But the night ended very well for the Silva family, since Paula was the winner to the raffle of the special edition DVD Elvis Comeback '68. As she still didn't have this article, better still!

: Carlos Silva, one of our DJ's / José João Simões, together with Daniel Bacelar. Carlos and Ricardo Silva in the back.

Carlos Silva offered himself to be the evening's DJ, having taken lots of Elvis music and of other rockers of the 50's, that was joined by the music equally provided by the Board of Directors of Elvis 100%. Later André arrived. He is better known as Vicent Vegas, the second DJ in service. In a very humourous parody, he dressed an Elvis jumpsuit, he put on a wig and fake sideburns and he emerged on stage in a funny pantomime, after the usual opening music of a live Elvis performance in the 70's was heard. Some even asked him for autographs...!

Legends: Ana Isabel Domingues and her husband, Miguel / André, also known as Vicent Vegas, our other DJ in service.

Always present on stage, in the screen, was Elvis, of course. We screened some footage of the concert Elvis gave in Tupelo, on 26 September 1956, during the afternoon, that has been recently found and published on the book/DVD Tupelo's Own, Elvis Presley. There was still opportunity to screen rare footage of Elvis in live concerts (bootlegs, but not bad at all, considering that they're bootlegs), from 1969 until 1971, with several different jumpsuits, through the Elvis Adrenaline release. Paula "lented" us her recently won DVD and we also screened the 1968 show. The last images to be screened were from Elvis On Tour.

Legends: Premiere for the new member, Paulo Marques, and his wife, Vera / The new member, Miguel Pereira. Beside him, João and Filomena Silva.

New on these events were the mosts recent members of the Fan Club: Paulo Marques and his wife, Vera, and Miguel Pereira and his girlfriend, Elsa. It's always very pleasant to count with the presence of new faces. That always brings fresh air to the Fan Club and renewed joy.

: José João Simões and Carlos Silva / After the dinner, the party and the socializing: Paula Silva, Maria Antónia Pereira, Fernanda Bacelar and Serafim Cortizo.

Even without having been able to be present over dinner, Daniel Bacelar and his wife, Fernanda Bacelar, came to be at the party. Always unstoppable, Fernanda danced with Serafim, joining Carlos Silva's girlfriend, Sara (dressed for the occasion) and remainder friends and fans of the music and spirit of the 50's, who live this era at the most on their daily lives.

: Fernanda Bacelar, dancing with Serafim Cortizo / The DJ André, playing with his "recreation" of Elvis.

We want to end by thanking the presence of member Ana Isabel Domingues and her husband, Miguel; of João and Filomena Silva (funny to have so many Silvas present who aren't related!) and Maria Antónia Pereira. And the following appreciation is also important: thank you, Serafim Cortizo, for having brought the posters that have decorated the bar; thank you, Carlos Silva and Vicent Vegas, for the service supplied as DJ's. Thank you, Sérgio, the bar's owner, for having been open to the initiative since the beginning, having put our advertising poster to the event on his bar in advance. And, last but not least, thank you, Carlos Silva, since he did everything ins his power to advertise the initiative, through the Internet, telephone and in other bars, with the help of his girlfriend, Sara. As for muself (Célia Carvalho) - the not so good photographer in service - I have to say I'm sorry for not having photographed everybody, but the batteries in my camera ran out! And, 30 years later, Long Live Elvis!!!

Legends: Conceição Silva, Ricardo Silva, Cláudia Silva, Paula Silva and Carlos Silva; Célia Carvalho and Filomena Silva.

Legends: João and Filomena Silva; Célia Carvalho and Miguel Pereira.

Legends: Victor Rodrigues, together with his daughter, Verónica, his wife, Carla and Célia Carvalho; Verónica Rodrigues and Victor Rodrigues.

Paulo Marques, Elsa Nascimento and José João Simões.

Legends: Music lovers go to the dancing floor.

Legends: Enthusiasts, dancing. To the right, our promotional poster for the event.

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