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ELVIS - Comeback Special - at FNAC of CascaisShopping

Legends: Poster that FNAC produced to advertise the event; photo taken to the screening.

As this year marks the 40th Anniversary of Elvis's NBC TV Special, we couldn't let the chance go by without, somehow, mark this important milestone in Elvis's career.

We have contacted FNAC of CascaisShopping Center and our suggestion of screening a compilation of unedited footage of the concerts that have originated the official airing of NBC in December 1968 was accepted. It was around 80 minutes of a compilation that was taken from the special edition deluxe box set released in 2004. We chose images taken from the two "sitting down" shows, on 27 June 1968 and from the two "standing up" shows, on 29 June 1968. This compilation was only possible thanks to the priceless help of member Daniel Bacelar, to whom we send our appreciation.

When we arrived at the place, some members were already there as well as the usual clients and passersby of FNAC. I was informed that I would have to make an informal opening speech, to which nobody ever warned me about and I wasn't ready! But it was quick and what really mattered was to see the screened footage.

Elvis 100%'s members that were present enjoyed it, of course, but more interesting was to notice the reactions of some people that clearly showed that they were enjoying themselves and liking what they were seeing. Someone even came to us at the end, asking where they could buy those images! We have handed out leaflets on the event and the Fan Club all over the auditory.

As it has happened in all our events, the members who showed up were just a few (but they were good ones) and we are sorry that so many of those who said would be present, didn't show up after all. But it was okay to socialize for a while and even to meet some members in person. I would like to send our appreciation to the members that were present, namely, Daniel Bacelar and Fernanda Bacelar, Fernanda Ramos, Serafim Cortizo, Henrique Carvalho, João Oliveira (plus his wife and son) and Paulo Marques, plus Fábio (his oldest son, who is just 6 years old, but a big Elvis fan!). We are sorry for not having photographed all present members, but the important thing is that they were there! We leave you with some illustrative photos.

Legends: Célia Carvalho and Fernanda Bacelar. / Daniel Bacelar and José João Simões.

Legend: Fernanda Ramos.

Legends: Serafim Cortizo, Daniel Bacelar and José João Simões. / Serafim Cortizo.

Our appreciation goes, also, to FNAC of CascaisShopping, for having accepted and for putting into practice this joint initiative. - Célia Carvalho

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