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SOCIAL LUNCH AT The 50's American Diner

- 17 April 2010 -

: Logo of the restaurant and Miguel (Anita's and Miguel's son), at the entrance of the restaurant.

On this last 17th April, at the invitation of the board of directors of Elvis 100% published in the March/April edition, a social lunch among members and friends took place, to mark another anniversary of the existance of our fan club, as well as of our magazine and, of course, the birth of Elvis Presley. In spite of the not so good weather conditions, on that day the rain decided to call it quits and a beautiful sun shiny day appeared, which only contributed for a bigger animation among everyone present at the new restaurant dedicated to the 50's - The 50's American Diner (suggested by the member Fernanda Ramos, to whom we are thankful) - near the Vasco da Gama Shopping Mall, at Expo. The restaurant is completely decorated with articles of that period and Elvis is quite represented.

I would like to thank the 21 persons that joined me, Célia Carvalho, and José João Simões, for this meeting, namely: Ana Isabel Domingues (Anita), and her husband, Miguel and son, Miguel; Carlos Silva and his girlfriend, Sara; Etelvina Brázia, Fernanda and Daniel Bacelar; Fernanda Ramos; Filomena Silva; Francisco Pinto, plus his daughter, Sofia, and his grand daughter, also member of Elvis 100%, Raquel Landeira; Mª Virgínia Rebelo and her husband, José Rodrigues; Mª Antónia Pereira, plus her daughter, Patrícia, and her husband, Steve Kennedy; Victor Rodrigues, plus his wife, Carla and their daughter, Verónica. Our appreciation is extended to Fernanda Bacelar, for making the beautiful welcoming cards that worked as souvenirs of the meeting! And an appreciation also goes to the manager of the restaurant, Andy Kemp, and his team, for being so nice and service supplied. We hope things turn out this good over a nex time! - Célia Carvalho.

Legend: Daniel Bacelar, inside the restaurant. / Filomena Silva, posing next to one Elvis.

: Sofia, trying to present a more "decent" Marilyn Monroe. / Marilyn Monroe, in her famous pose.

: Patrícia, Francisco Pinto, Steve Kennedy, Maria Antónia Pereira, Raquel Landeira and Sofia, ready for lunch. / Patrícia and Steve Kennedy.

Legend: Carlos Silva and Sara. / Ana Isabel Domingues (Anita) and Célia Carvalho.

: Etelvina Brázia and Fernanda Ramos, chosing the menu, while Filomena Silva observes. / Fernanda Ramos, delighted... it was well worth it to wait for the banana split!

: Miguel father and Miguel son. / All the gang, ready to eat. The Elvis burguer was a favourite.

: Victor Rodrigues and his family, wife Carla and daughter, Verónica, under the watch of Virgínia Rebelo and Elvis, in the back. / Verónica, already trying to play some guitar chords.

Legend: Verónica Rodrigues. A future Elvis fan? Who knows! / Célia Carvalho and Carlos Silva.

Legend: Virgínia Rebelo and José Rodrigues. / Fernanda and Daniel Bacelar and José João Simões.

Legend: Anita, imitating Marilyn. / Fernanda Ramos, following her example.

Legend: Some of the many Elvistic motifs that enhance the restaurant.

Legend: Célia Carvalho, showing an Elvis article. /  Maria Antónia Pereira, waving the inside the car Elvis.

Legend: Restrooms' hall, where Betty Boop welcomes everybody. Elvis on the men's door, of course! Maria Antónia Pereira and Raquel Landeira.

Legend: Fernanda Ramos next one Elvis and Raquel Landeira, next to another one.

Visit the restaurant's website: http://www.thefifties.pt

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