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SOCIAL LUNCH at Hard Rock Cafe Lisbon

- 26 March 2011 -

: Hard Rock Cafe Lisbon, at the old and mythic theatre Condes, at Restauradores Square.

This year Elvis 100% celebrates it's 10th year of existence! It's incredible, since time just flew by and it seems it was just yesterday that the fan club was created, on 21st January 2001, with just 7 initial members. And we kept growing ever since, with  members that have came and gone (and some of those are still in contact and remain our friends), other new ones that always keep on coming, which is just amazing... we have done our best to promote Elvis the way we can/know, after all.


To mark this date, we have scheduled a social-lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe in Lisbon, which took place on 26th March 2011. The member Serafim Cortizo had an idea: of making mouse pads for the computer with an Elvis photo, saying "10th Anniversary, Elvis 100% Fan Club - 2001-2011", to be given away to each member present. We have to thank him for the idea and also for the offer of the mouse pads, since he made himself available to offer them to the fan club and the members. Thank you so much, Serafim! All members who weren't able to be present, will also receive their copy by mail.


Another appreciation must go to the member Ana Isabel Domingues, for having asked for a T-Shirt to be made with the photo of the last edition of the fan club magazine, where this meeting was announced, asking all the present members to autograph it with a celebration message, that she then offered Elvis 100%, together with a postcard, congratulating the Board of Direction. Thank you so much, Anita!

Also as a way to celebrate, we have recently created a Facebook page for the fan club, which will certainly contribute to reach more new Elvis fans, who will come to know about us. Find us as
“Clube Oficial de Fãs Elvis 100% - Still Rockin’!”.

In the meantime, we leave you here with some photos of this meeting, with some of the people present on this day. Thank you so much for everyone who showed up, to the ones who wanted to come, but couldn't and, mainly, for being our friends. We send our special welcome to the new member, João Pinho. - Célia Carvalho.

Legend: Célia Carvalho, with Serafim Cortizo, showing off the mouse pad that was given to all present members.

Legend: First floor of Hard Rock, the car in the ceiling of the restaurant and one of its walls.

Legend: José João Simões, playing around with Isabel Lousada; Miguel, José João and Ana Isabel Domingues; João Pinho and Sara Perdigão.

: Some artifacts and Elvistic articles in exhibition at the restaurant.

Legend: Fernanda and Daniel Bacelar, together with José João Simões and Célia Carvalho; Sofia, Célia and Raquel; Ana Isabel Domingues, Guilherme (masked as Spider-Man!) and Miguel.

Legend: Portuguese tiles, where Elvis appears (enhanced detail to the right); and there was still time to watch Elvis in Aloha From Hawaii in the screens of the restaurant!

Legend: Célia Carvalho, Isabel Lousada and José João Simões; José João and Etelvina Brázia; Célia Carvalho and Marta Simões (it's always nice to be kissed!)
Legend: The T-Shirt and the postcard that the member Ana Isabel Domingues offered the Board of Direction. The T-Shirt was signed by all members present.

Legend: José João and Filomena Silva; Célia and Anita; Célia and Etelvina Brázia.

Legend: Célia Carvalho and Carlos Silva; Rita Simões, José João Simões and Isabel Lousada.

Legend: Serafim Cortizo, Célia Carvalho and João Pinho; Célia Carvalho and Filomena Silva.

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