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SOCIAL LUNCH at Music Burguer Avenida Restaurant in Lisbon

- 31 March 2012 -

On 31st March we got together with friends and members of Elvis 100% to celebrate our 11th Anniversary of existence. The chosen spot was easy: since last December that member Serafim Cortizo had called our attention to this new restaurant, close to Marquęs de Pombal (Rua Alexandre Herculano) in Lisbon, that had a giant Elvis at the entrance. And it is really new, since it only started operating in October. Therefore, we immediately have decided it to be the next spot for our meeting. And so it was! We leave you here with some photos and notes on what happened.

: The whole group -
Ana Isabel Domingues, Miguel Domingues (father), Júlia Santos, Serafim Cortizo, Sandra Santos, Aida Santos, Etelvina Brázia, Célia Carvalho, Elvis (!), Carlos Santos, Sofia Pinto, Joăo Pinho, Filomena Silva, Fernanda Bacelar, César Santos, Miguel Domingues (son), Francisco Pinto and Daniel Bacelar. Thank you for your presence... it's always a pleasure...! And join us for the next time...!


The restaurant has sevevarl 50's/60's motives and we can see another Elvis on the inside, as well as a Marilyn Monroe, dressed as a waitress. After lunch we have done a raffle on some Elvis items (two cigarrette boxes and an original CD). Miguel Domingues (son) did the honours and the lucky one was César Santos! It was fun, since it was a child presenting another child, pure luck. César was quite happy, as we can see in the photo below...! After all, he also likes Elvis.

Legend: Raffled products; César Santos (the winner). / Sandra Santos and Carlos Santos, with ther son, César.

Legend: Serafim Cortizo. / Miguel Domingues (father), Ana Isabel Domingues and Miguel Domingues (son). / Célia Carvalho, at the King's feet!

Legend: Our table inside the restaurant. / A jukebox. / The group sitting at the table, always to the sound of Elvis singing throughout the restaurant.

Legend: Aida Santos and Júlia Santos. / Sofia Pinto and Aida Santos. / Sandra Santos, Célia Carvalho and Carlos Santos.

Legend: César Santos and Miguel Domingues, as motards!

Legend: Sofia Pinto and Francisco Pinto. / Carlos Santos, Célia Carvalho and Sandra Santos.

Legend: Filomena Silva. / Fernanda Bacelar, Célia Carvalho and Aida Santos.

Legend: Sandra Santos, Célia Carvalho, César Santos, Carlos Santos and Serafim Cortizo.

Legend: Filomena Silva and Serafim Cortizo. / Miguel Domingues and César Santos.

Legend: Carlos Santos and Sandra Santos./ Etelvina Brázia and Aida Santos.

Legend: Júlia Santos and Miguel Domingues (pai). /Ana Isabel Domingues and Miguel Domingues (filho).

Legend: Francisco Pinto, Etelvina Brázia and Célia Carvalho.

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