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The year 2013 marks the 12th Anniversary of Elvis 100% existence and activity. As such, we have organized a meeting to celebrate with the members on 24th March 2013. The chosen place was the restaurante Happy Days, in Cascais. All present members received welcome sachets, with an Elvis postcard and sticker, and candy. And 6 raffles on Elvis' articles were done. Besides all this, we could count with the performance of the Elvis tribute artist, Francisco Peças, and one of the co-founders of the fan club, Carlos Santos. See some photos below, which illustrate this day and these events!

Copy of the postcard that every person present received; articles that have been raffled among the members: an Elvis mug, a DVD with a documentary subtitled in Portuguese, a box with 5 CDs, 1 CD, 1 t-shirt and 1 sweatshirt (all original articles).

Sandra Santos, at the Happy Days doorway; Elvis 100% banner, inside the restaurant.

Célia Carvalho and Jorge Custódio; Jorge Custódio, welcoming everybody; Judite Santos and her daughter, Maria, next to Elvis's statue.

Francisco Peças, performing; Carlos Santos, performing with César Santos (his son) on drums, and João Pinho, on guitar.

Legend: César Santos with his parents, Sandra and Carlos Santos; Célia Carvalho, doing a raffle, with the help of Nuno Rafael Jarra; the Elvis mug went to Victor Rodrigues, from Tábua.

: Aníbal Simão, from Oliveira de Azeméis, arriving, with Valentina; Aníbal Simão and Francisco Peças; Aníbal, showing off his Elvis tie.

Legend: Miguel Domingues (son) with César Santos and Miguel Domingues (father) in the back; Miguel Domingues (father and son) and Ana Isabel Domigues; Carlos Santos, performing.

Legend: Célia Carvalho and Sandra Santos; Isabel Lousada and Sandra Santos; Jorge Custódio, Francisco Peças, enjoying Carlos Santos' performance and Mª da Graça Peças.

Legend: Ana Paula Ferreira, next to the Elvis statue; another raffle, among our members; Sandra Nobre, Nuno Rafael Jarra and Orland Jarra.

Legend: Fernanda Ramos, Filomena Silva and João Silva; Etelvina Brázia, Juvenal Ferreira, with the menu.

: Carlos Santos and Francisco Peças, performing; Judite Santos and Maria; César Santos and João Pinho, performing.

Legend: Fernanda Bacelar, between Victor Rodrigues and Célia Carvalho; Ana Brázia and Célia Carvalho; Daniel Bacelar.

Legend: Francisco Peças, with his parents, Manuel Peças and Mª da Graça Peças; Elvis, in his Cadillac!

Legend: Francisco Peças, singing; our group, listening to the guys singing.


Fernanda Bacelar: "I am now a fan of Francisco and Carlos!"

João Pinho:
"I really enjoyed listening to Carlos sing, since I had never heard him before. And his son is also quite able at the drums. I had a lot of fun and it was a very enjoyable afternoon."

Daniel Bacelar: "They both have great voices!"

Orlando Jarra: "It was a very enjoyable afternoon. Once again, thanks for the invitation!"

Ana Paula Ferreira: "Ever since sunday that my husband is always saying that now he enjoys listening to Elvis, he said he was quite impressed of how we speak of him with so much love and he does not forget seeing me very emotional when I heard Love Me Tender (it was as almost Elvis was singing). I have already listened to many performers, but Francisco indeed sings very well. My husband is crazy for the Beatles and he went to see Paul McCartney when he was in Portugal, but he says he didn't feel the emotion he saw in all of us on sunday. The power that Elvis still has over people, to this very day."

Victor Rodrigues: "It's well worth it to travel from afar to socialize with people of good taste and enjoy music with the simplicity, humor and love with which Carlos and Francisco presented us. Thank you all and, in particular, thank you Célia and Jorge, a very special hug!"

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