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On 2 February 2014 something unheard of happened in Portugal: we have celebrated the 79th Anniversary of Elvis's birthday and the 13th year of activity of the Elvis 100% Fan Club with a guided tour to the Barbershop-Elvis Museum, which is located in Oliveira de Azeméis, followed by a lunch at the Rei Dom Pipas Restaurant and the two performances by the Portuguese Elvis tribute artists, António Carlos Coimbra and Francisco Peças. The ideia for this initiative came from Aníbal Simão, owner of the barbershop-museum, who for a long time wished to do something related to Elvis in his hometown. Since we all know each other, including the tribute artists, some things led to others and it was a success!

We could have never imagine that, while advertising this event with 2 months in advance to the media, it would get this kind of attention. Several were the newspapers and websites that have published the news. And all this was partly due to the attention that the Lusa Agency gave to the happening, having, for that purpose, interviewed the artists and the owner of the barbershop. Let's see: we had the presence of all TV channels (even Porto Canal - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTWvof43cLg), with exception for TVI. RTP (see link to the report below) did a report and SIC did, too (see link to the report below). Both reports were broadcasted 5 times in the respetive TV channels. TSF Radio was there to cover the event. Already at the restaurant, after having visited the barbershop, where RTP did their report, we had the pleasure of seeing it for the first time on TV! The 140 people (we had to start denying reservations because the room was sold out a week before the event) that were there were quite thrilled, as it would be expected. On the Internet we lost count to the news that came out.

Aníbal Simão, inside his barbershop.Part of the group, during the visit to the barbershop.
The SIC and Jornal de Notícias report team.The RTP report team with Francisco Peças, Aníbal Simão and António Carlos Coimbra.
RTP interviewing the tribute artists.António Carlos Coimbra, happy in this meeting.

As for the newspapers, we highlight Diário de Notícias, that published the news in their central pages, in color, with note in the front page! For that purpose, this newspaper interviewd the artists, Aníbal Simão and Célia Carvalho, of Elvis 100% Board of Directors. Also Jornal de Notícias, which has published not one, but two articles on this matter, one before and another after the event. Correio da Manhã, A Bola, Diário de Aveiro, Diário de Coimbra, Expresso, Sol, Jornal da Madeira, etc, etc. All this was quite contagious and it was translated in pure joy, manifested during the lunch and the fantastic performances by our tribute artists, both solo and in duet. We have to thank them for the way they have embraced this project wholeheartedly, since they didn't even receive any payment for their work (they just had their expenses paid by the several sponsors that we managed to obtain for that purpose, to whom we also extend our appreciation).

The entrance to the Dom Pipas Restaurant.Part of the restaurant, which was completely full.
Another table, during lunch.Lisa Maria Simão and Fatinha Santos.Aníbal Simão, showing off the gift by Victor Rodrigues, whose wife made this Elvis for the museum, of course.
Francisco Peças, Juvenal Ferreira and António Carlos Coimbra.Jorge Custódio, Fatinha Santos and Célia Carvalho.

Our gratitude also goes to Mr. Aníbal Simão's daughter, Lisa Maria, and to Marco, who have helped with the sound and in the intermission between the performances of both artists. Lisa also has a beautiful voice and she sang and cheered everybody up with a brief karaoke session, during which some of the present (and members of this fan club!) exhibited their vocal talents! Our appreciation also goes to Rei Dom Pipas Restaurant and its staff, who from the beginning embraced this project and did everything in their power in order for the lunch and snack go by as expected by all who were present. It as a full day, that started at 11:00 a.m. at the Barbershop-Elvis Museum and ended at Rei (King) Dom Pipas (that on that day was King Dom Elvis!) around 06:30 p.m. We also thank, of course, all the Elvis fans who were there and even the non Elvis fans, who filled that room. Now we miss that day and we were left with that feeling of wanting to organize a similar party for next year! Stay tuned to our news. We leave you here with some photos of the event (we don't doubt that thousands of photos were took on that day) and some testimonies by those who were there to talk about it.

António Carlos Coimbra being interviewed by TSF.Francisco Peças, being interviewed by TSF.First duet by António Carlos Coimbra and Francisco Peças.
Jornal de Notícias, SIC and TSF, in place, attending to the artists performances.The artists thank the incredible applause by the audience.
See the artists singing in duet:

“I want to praise the Official Elvis Presley Fan Club, Elvis 100% - Still Rockin'! and all the cooperators, as well as the tribure artists, Francisco Peças and António Coimbra, not forgetting to mention all of you who were present, for this party, the friendship, the sharing and even for the family we have just built. There was joy, tears, emotion, oh well... It was a marking day that will stay in my memory forevery and I do believe, in the memory of each and everyone that were there. As for myself, I just have one word to describe all this: FANTASTIC!" - Emília Faustino, Alcobaça.

RTP report, broadcasted for the first time while we were all the restaurant.Aníbal Simão being interviewed by RTP in his barbershop.
Célia Carvalho, being interviewed by RTP.The artists, being interviewed by RTP.
Check this RTP's report, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9HjQTJwLiQ
CheckSIC's report, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MoUtgHc4w-g

Thank you is the simplest word, but the one that's more adequate to define what our Elvis 100% fan club did for all of us members and not just us, since it was also destinated to those who enjoy listening to Elvis and wanted to be present in the event of 2nd February 2014, in Oliveira de Azeméis.
Thank you for having presented us with an unforgetable, superb, magnificent and uncomparable show, many other adjectives must exist to describe what we have witnessed that Sunday and which will undoubtedly stay forever in my memory and my husband's.
Thank you for what we have seen at the Barberhop-Elvis Museum, filled with good Elvis memories.
Thank you for having witnessed, by the end of the day, to a show by two GREAT ARTISTS, António Coimbra and Francisco Peças, who didn't want to impersonate Elvis, but want to pay a beautiful tribute to the King, singing his songs in a grandiose and unique way, and who have made us forget, i.e., made us 'see' how a live Elvis show must have been like.
Thank you to the artists for having sung at the beginning together, which has brought tears to the eyes of several people who were there listening to them and for having ended their performance the same way.
Thank you for the Elvis songs they sung throughout the afternoon and so well they did, to the point that myself and my husband felt very touched.
Thank you for the emotion I felt when I listend to António singing It's Now or Never, since it was with that song that I first heard Elvis and became a fan when I was 10 years old.
Also thank you to Franciscos, for having sung a song of an Elvis movie, since there are beautiful songs in many of his movies.
Thank you for the final duet, and for everything they sang solo that we will never forget.
Thank you for having given us a great joy for the show we have attended to, and which was one of the best we have ever seen.
Thank you to Rei Dom Pipas Restaurant for having welcomed this event.
And last, but not least, thank you to the written and TV press, since without it, the "Elvis & Friends" party would be 'anonymous' to the Country.
Thank you, thank you, thank you to Célia Carvalho for everything she has done for Elvis and Elvis 100%'s members, making us happiear people. God bless. Thank you for all the people involved and all present, since without love, nothing would be possible." -
Virgínia Rebelo, Entroncamento.

Alice Oliveira and António Carlos Coimbra.Lisa Maria Simão's performance.Juvenal Ferreira, in the karaoke session.

“On Sunday, at Dom Pipas Restaurant, I noticed that Elvis still conquers people for his life story, the way he sang, he was wonderful. Just like him, the event was also wonderful. To the greatest love that we have for Elvis, honesty and humility got together and the result was a grandiose event. Thanks to the effort and dedication of Célia and Jorge and, of course, the contribution of António and Francisco, who made possible for me to relive my 13 years old and the time I day dreamed listening to It's Now or Never. Really, our family is imposed, but our friends are chosen. I chose who loves Elvis like I do! THANK YOU SO MUCH!" - Ana Paula Ferreira, Corroios.

Jorge Custódio with the youngest daughter of Francisco Peças, Lisa Maria (4 years old).António Carlos Coimbra's performance.
António Carlos Coimbra's performance.
António Carlos Coimbra's performance.António Carlos Coimbra, being followed by the Jornal de Notícias photographer.
Victor Rodrigues, with Olga Santos, António Carlos Coimbra and Carmen Jacome.Ana Paula Ferreira, António Carlos Coimbra and Célia Carvalho.

“A memorable weekend. Elvis is like this, 36 years after his death, he still continues very present for all the fans, that was proved during the 1 and 2 February weekend. It was a remeeting with friends where new friends were made, we have socialized, we talked, we laughed and we cried. Elvis was always present. I have to thank Elvis 100% fan club for all their work and dedication, Mr. Aníbal Simão for his good sense of humor and for having opened the doors of his barbershop-Elvis museu to all of us, Francisco Peças and António Carlos Coimbra for their magnificent performances. Elvis is this: a big family." – Carmen Jacome, Alcobaça.

Francisco Peças's performance.

“I would like to start by saying that criticizing and saying bad things is sometimes easier than praising, complimenting and saying good things. However, in this specific case, nothing negative can be said, not regarding the organization of the event by our Elvis 100% Fan Club, that was simply 'Superb' in all logistic aspects, much due to the big, big effort by Célia and Jorge. God bless them. As for the show and the performance of the two artists, António Carlos Coimbra and Francisco Peças, all is left to say is that I'm 'surrendered'. Not only for their vocal qualities and artistic performances, but also for their huge and extraordinary human qualities. I also want to highligh the gorgeous committment by all the fans that were present and for all this I conclude by saying that our social meeting/show of 2nd February was a success, since it developed in an unique and magistral way. GOD BLESS you all." - Juvenal Ferreira, Corroios.

Francisco Peças's performance.Francisco Peças and Ana Paula Ferreira.
Francisco Peças and Maria Virgínia Rebelo.
Francisco Peças, Emília Faustino and Aníbal Simão.Francisco Peças and Fatinha Santos.Célia Carvalho helps Francisco with his belt, which was getting untied.

When the clouds disappear, imagine the joy that the blue sky fills us with... I felt enthusiastically the magic that inspires the talent of true Artists, António Carlos Coimbra and Francisco Peças, who, in their honesty and humility, have enchanted us in the glow of their voices they gave color to a memorable afternoon! God bless you all, who have made such a dream possible!" Victor Rodrigues, Tábua.

António Carlos Coimbra and Francisco Peças performing together.Joint performance by the two artists.Their cumplicity.
The big finale, great voices!The salute and the smile of accomplished mission.
The farewell.

“2 February 2014 was memorable and stood in the memory and hearts of Elvis Presley's fans. For the first time in Portugal, a tribute to the King was done with two artists. Honestly, nobody was expecting the impact that this tribute would cause, but it did, and quite a lot. And why? First because there's the barbershop owned by Mr. Aníbal, which is a true museum, filled with Elvis mementos and is visited by many people almost every day. Lusa Agency was informed of this event by the president of our fan club, my friend Célia Carvalho, and they spread the news to the press. Conclusion: SIC, RTP, TSF Radio and several newspapers appeared. Even the newspaper A Bola had our event in their central pages, as well as Diário de Notícias and other newspapers. On Sunday, 2nd February, a lunch with 140 people took place at the Rei Dom Pipas Restaurant, where we had the pleasure and joy of listening to our two singers, who do sing marvellously well; Francisco de Bruno Peças and António Carlos Coimbra. It was an excellent Elvis tribute, but the biggest intention is not just tributing the King, but also the socializing among the fans and the friendships that grow among us. Everything thanks to the biggest love we have for Elvis Presley. I loved this day. The great mentors of this Event were our president Célia Carvalho and Mr. Aníbal with his museum, which the Press loved. Many more people worked hard, but we have to thank our great singers who did just for the love for Elvis and the friendship for the fans and friends. It was beautiful!!!" - Olga Santos, Mem Martins.

O agradecimento a quem tornou tudo isto possível.O reconhecimento veio com prendinhas para todos.
Marco, Lisa Maria Simão, Célia Carvalho, Francisco Peças, Jorge Custódio e António Carlos Coimbra.O discurso da Olga Santos, no final, bastante aplaudido.

“Memorable day: I feel proud for having been one of the present people in an event of such magnitude. My dream came true, since in 1976, the year I arrived here in Portugal, I felt like a fish out of the water because I was an Elvis fan since I was 3 years old and couldn't understand why in this country nobody else was his fan! And when people heard me talking about it, they looked at me as if I was a rare species! Well, I could never imagine that one day I would see all the main media of our country present in an event that was so much 'ours', pardon me the expression... But being an Elvis fan for 54 years, I believe it entitles me to think this way. In my humble opinion, everything was perfect, to the point of getting emotioanl several times... Thank you so much for the love that I felt towards me, starting in the president of the Fan Club, Célia Carvalho, a fan like myself, and ending in our 2 big stars who were at their best... When I got there, I only knew our dear barber Aníbal Simão, but I left much richer with a bunch of true friends. Congrats to you all! Thank you, Elvis, you will always be King." - Fatinha Santos, Porto.    

"I loved coming to the social meeting of the Elvis 100% fans. It was my first time, but it won't be my last. My wife didn't want to come, since she is not an Elvis fan, but she did and she also loved it. God bless all who organized this event." - Reinaldo Lopes, Oliveira de Azeméis.

"This Portuguese Elvis Fest was for me a great source of joy. I met new friends, I have converted virtual friends into real ones and I felt like I was in the middle of a big family of which I'm also a part. This was a meeting among people who enjoy the music and the personality of Elvis Presley. People of good heart and sober people. Good people. The following day I was terribly tired, but with the sense of accomplished mission. Elvis 100% has organized an unforgetable event and we wish it is repeated with many, many  more friends. That's the main thing in life, I believe, sharing gifts, of which love is the most important of all, to give and receive. I received a lot and gave what I could. Everyone present gave a little of themselves in a celebration that marked the 79 years of the birth of the King. Viva Elvis." - António Carlos Coimbra.

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