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On 8th March 2015 - also Women International Day - we have celebrated Elvis' 80th Birthday Anniversary and the 14th year of activity of Elvis 100% Fan Club, at the beautiful property that exists in Vila de Cucujães, the Casa do Torreão, followed by a lunch and two Elvis tribute performances by the Portuguese artist, António Carlos Coimbra, intersected by a performance by the musician/singer, Carlos Santos (also one of the co-founders of the fan club) and, at last, a joint performance by both artists, with several themes in duet. The idea for this initiative came following the one that took place the previous year - the first "Elvis & Friends" - since it was so successful and we wanted to repeat the experience.

         We have just regretted the absence of the Elvis tribute artist, Francisco Peças who, due to personal and force majeure reasons, on last minute could not be present at this special event. He was sorry about it and promised to make up for everybody in a future opportunity.
           The Portuguese TV channel, SIC, wanted to be present to cover the event, having done a direct broadcasting at the venue for SIC Notícias and a special report that was broadcasted several times throughout the day and also on 9th March, at SIC and SIC Notícias.
           This day was marked by several special moments, among them: the beautiful socializing among all the present people; the offering of a rose (courtesy of Casa do Torreão) to all the present ladies; the offering of sachets with a card dedicated to the 80 years of Elvis, stickers and sweets (courtesy of Elvis 100%); distribution of leaflets with important information on the event and the day's agenda; the release of the CD
"The Songs Elvis Didn't Sing" / "As Canções que Elvis Não Cantou", by António Carlos Coimbra and the rafling of several Elvistic articles among all present people (including 3 CDs that António Carlos Coimbra donated for that purpose).
            Check out some photos and movies below that mark the day. We advise the checking up of the photo albums (many more photos and with better quality) on the Fan Club's Facebook page (see the links below). After having received so many and positive testimonies on this initiative, we are left wanting to organize another "Elvis & Friends" for 2016! (See Extra Special Magazine on this Event!)

At the entrance we have a real life Elvis, welcoming everybody! Of course practically all that were there wanted to take his/her photo with him. On the right we see the elements of the board of directors of Elvis 100%, Sandra Santos, Célia Carvalho and Carlos Santos.

 Photo of the room where the event took place, before people arrived and also a photo on the big canvas we have done dedicated to Elvis Presley's 80th Birthday, and which decorated the room.

 Several offerings during the day: roses, sachets with card alusive the Elvis' 80 years, sweets and stickers.

The stage area, getting ready with marketing material, advertising António Carlos Coimbra and Elvis 100%.
All tables had names and marked seats for the present people. Everyone received a leaftlet explaining this initiative.

All ladies received roses. On the photo we see Jorge Custódio presenting Fátima Silva. On the right photo we see Célia Carvalho, on the job of addressing people to their respective tables.

One of the 18 tables in the room, this one was the Elvis Table.
On the right photo, we see Marco Pereira and Lisa Simão, who have helped a lot so this event could be possible.

Célia Carvalho and Mary Lu, getting ready to be interviewed live for SIC Notícias!
On the right, Célia Carvalho is being interviewed for the SIC report.

See the direct broadcasting by, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3lkZgUoZTI&feature=youtu.be

Olga Susana Gabriel was also interviewed for SIC report.

See SIC report, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lV0msKsBswY&feature=youtu.be

The first raffle of the day, for the ladies, went to Balbina Carvalho, who won an Elvis watch in a pendant.

The second raffle of the day, dedicated to children, went to Sofia Carvalho, who has won a teddy bear, dressed as a soldier, like Elvis when he went to the Army, and it sings Teddy Bear when its tummy is pressed.

The third raffle of the day, of a CD by António Carlos Coimbra, went to Mr. João Ribeiro. On the right, Jorge Custódio introduces António Carlos Coimbra, for his first performance.

The first performance by António Carlos Coimbra presented several themes of 1968 Elvis show, the Comeback Special.

The forth raffle of the day, also for the ladies, was for the luck Ariana Oliveira, who has won an Elvis bag.

The second CD by António Carlos Coimbra went to one of our sponsors, from Avanca, Moisés dos Leitões.

The fifth raffle, an Elvis clock allusive to the party, went to Mr. João Ramalhosa.

Carlos Santos performance, very much applauded, entertained the audience while António Carlos Coimbra got ready for his second performance. He sung several themes, in English and Portuguese, of the 50's, 60's and 70's.

The raffle of the third and last CD by António Carlos Coimbra, went to Mrs. Teresa Mota, of Adega Mota, a sponsor of the event.

The eight raffle of the afternoon went to Rui Rodrigues, who won a white hooded sweatshirt, with the symbol of Elvis' 80 Years.

The ninth raffle of the afternoon, of a black t-shirt, with a special mirror printing of Elvis, went to Vítor Dinis.

António Carlos Coimbra's second performance presented several songs that were previously suggested by the fans.

One of the surprises during this performance was the invitation by António for the fan, Carlos Silva Sales, to come up to the stage and sing. He sang Young and Beautiful, that he has dedicated to his wife, also present, Ângela Sales.

Another surprise for César Santos, who had celebrated his birthday on 4th March, and António Carlos got everybody in the room singing Happy Birthday to him!

And not pleased with just that, he invited him on stage to sing Blue Suede Shoes with him!

After the second performance by António Carlos Coimbra, a joint performance with Carlos Santos followed. They sang several themes in duet.

They  have sung, among other themes, Don't Cry Daddy. The end was very emotional and both artists ended hugging each other.

The tenth surprise raffle was an illuminated piece, with a poster of the party, a microphone, the word ELVIS and a tribute Elvis CD, by Ronnie McDowell and the Jordanaires. Emília Faustino was the lucky one.

"This was one of the happiest moments of my life. Thank you, Célia Carvalho and Jorge Custódio, for making these unforgettable moments real for us." Emília Faustino.

Time for the final ackowledgements. We have offered António Carlos Coimbra and Carlos Santos an Elvis belt buckle.
We have also gave them appreciation diplomas, for without them, there would have been no party.

We have been surprised with flowers, a generous offer by Emília Faustino. And we ended all together, singing for the and with the audience, The Wonder of You.

As we have received so many testimonies by many people present on this event, with such constructive words and we have so many photos and so much has happened during this afternoon... those will be assembled in a special Elvis 100% edition, an extra magazine, totally dedicated to this celebration party of Elvis' 80 years in Portugal (available only for members of the Fan Club).

To see all these photos (and many, many more) with quality, please check out the photo albums posted on Elvis 100% Facebook page:

Album 1 - "Elvis 80 Years" - Room and Preparation

Album 2 - "Elvis 80 Years" - Present People
Album 3 - "Elvis 80 Years" - António Carlos Coimbra's 1st Performance
Album 4 - "Elvis 80 Years" - SIC at the Event
Album 5 - "Elvis 80 Years" - Carlos Santos Performance

Album 6 - "Elvis 80 Years" - António Carlos Coimbra's 2nd Performance
Álbum 7 - "Elvis 80 Years" - Rafflings
Album 8 - "Elvis 80 Years" - António Carlos and Carlos Santos Performance
Album 9 - "Elvis 80 Years" - The End of the Party

Movies on the Party (from 1 till 11):

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