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When Honda Japan created C110 50cc model, they thought about ways of introducing this machine in the United Staes. One of those ideas that took shape, was to present it in one of Elvis Presley's movies (in the present case, Viva Las Vegas, by MGM, filmed in 1964 and released in 1964), in which the actor and actress Ann-Margret drive the male and female models of the brand. A specific scene for the movie was created for this campaign.

Advertising posters were also produced showing Elvis riding this model, and which have been distributed and hanged in many of the American and also European theatres. Here we can see an example of a Dutch advertising poster (in Europe the movie was released as Love in Las Vegas).

Legends: Elvis observes, while someone stars the Honda C110, before shooting. On the right photo, we see Ann-Margret, the director, George Sidney and Elvis, all on top of their Hondas C110 (Ann-Margret in the female version of the model).

At FIL it was possible to visualize a replica of that "C110", used in Viva Las Vegs movie and perfectly restored by Manuel Custódio ((Motoclasse).

Legends: The stand of Clube de Motards de Alcainça, "Os Abobras", Motoclasse and Elvis 100%.

Technical Characteristics of the C110             

Born from the renewed Japanese industry after the World War Two, the "C110" was distributed in more than 15 countries. It has very peculiar characteristics, which were pionneer in its time, specificially presenting a new concept of cycling and safety.

In Portugal, this famous model became known as "Honda Cricket", by the curious fact that its engine, while running, produced an identical sound that crickets make.

Legends: Jorge Custódio on top of the Honda C110 and with Célia Carvalho and Elvis, on the right.

Year of Production: 1963
Engine: 49 cc (4 stroke)
4 speed with wet multi-plate centrifugal clutch
Frame Type:
Step through pressed steel
Front - Links; Rear - Swingarm
Front and Rear - drum
Approximately 65 kg (ultralight for its time)

Legends: Visitors of the stand and leaflets and information on the initiative, distributed locally.

Legends: The Motorcycle Rockers animated Sunday afternoon with several performances and some interpretations of Elvis songs. The animation was right in front of our stand.

Legends: Melanie Romão, Célia Carvalho and Francisco Romão. Célia Carvalho and Jorge Custódio, with the Motorcycle Rockers, after their final performance.

Legends: Cláudio, Motorcycle's lead singer, with the Honda C110. Someone who also appeared there was the actor Vítor Norte, on the right photo, with Paulo Almeida (Motoclasse) and Manuel Custódio (the one who has restored the Onda C110).

It was a good experience and initiative! We thank all the fans who showed up. And we hope to have similar initiatives in the near future!

Short movie on this initiative on Youtube, with 10 minutes long:

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