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1956 was the year when Elvis became worldwide known as the King of Rock'n'Roll. And in 2016, 60 years of his coronation are celebrated. On 6 March 2016, several Elvis fans, from diverse parts of the country, got together at the Páteo do Faustino restaurant, in Torres Vedras, to celebrate this milestone.
Inside the restaurant there was an exhibition area, with several articles related to Elvis, a space for dancing and also Elvis screenings during the lunchtime and socializing, as well as background music.
We have presented the performances by the Elvis tribute artists in Portugal,
Francisco Peças and António Carlos Coimbra. Carlos Santos – also one of the co-founders of Elvis 100% - presented his performance in between the two tribute artists, singing several hits of the 50's, 60's and 70's. And we have also had the participation of Elvis friends and fans who have sung some themes, such as the case of Carlos Sales (who sang Let It Be Me), Paulo Carmo (who sang Can't Help Falling in Love) and Humberto Ladeira (who sang Sweet Caroline). The highlights of the afternoon were, without a doubt, the duet Don't Cry Daddy by António Carlos Coimbra and Lisa Maria Simão, quite applauded; the interpretations of Love Me Tender and An American Trilogy, by António Carlos Coimbra, accompanying himself on his guitar and also by the excellent violin played by his daughter, Inês Henriques; as well as the public love declaration he did to his wife, Judite Henriques, with I Just Can't Help Believin'.
Among these performances, we did rafles of Elvis articles, that went to the hands of 4 fortunate Elvis 100%'s members and to 6 other fans present in the room. We still had time for José Santos, who wrote a poem dedicated to Elvis and our party, to read it on stage for all present at the end of the celebration (see poem, below).
Once again, as it has always been the case, SIC TV channel was present to cover the event, broadcasting a report on the 08:00 p.m. news and several times on SIC Notícias channel on the following day (click here to see that report - in Portuguese).
Following are several illustrative photos of that day. We advise the checking out of the photo albums (many photos and with better quality) on the fan club Facebook page (see the links, below). Likewise, we are publishing the testimonies of some of the present people, who have given their opinion about this "Elvis & Friends". After such a successful and acclaimed initiative (the room was sold out a month and half before its date), we are left with the desire of organizing the next "Elvis & Friends" in 2017 - the year that marks the 40th anniversary after Elvis Presley's passing.

At the entrance we had an exibition area, with several items regarding Elvis, including two replics of restaured motorcycles of the model that he has riden in "Viva Las Vegas" and two life size Elvises, among other things.

Room where the event took place, before the fans arrived. The tables were all identified with its funny markers, allusive to the thme of the party (60 Years of Rock'n'Roll). And all tables had several offerings for the fans. 

Once again SIC was present to present a report on our event. In the photos we see Célia Carvalho, António Carlos Coimbra and Eduarda Gomes, being interviewed.
See SIC's report, in here:

The first afternoon performance was with the Portuguese Elvis tribute artist, Francisco Peças.

We have counted with the participation of several Elvis friends and fans, who also have sung some songs. The first was Carlos Sales, who sung "Let It Be Me".

The second was Paulo Carmo, who sung "Can't Help Falling in Love" and the third, Humberto Ladeira, who sung "Sweet Caroline".

We have thanked our sponsor, which has helped to promote the event, the Torres Vedras Motorcycle Club, to whom we have offered a thank you souvenir for that same promotion.

We have done 4 rafflings among Elvis 100%'s fan club. Francisco Pinto got a CD box with 17 Elvis albuns. That box was offered by the member Calos Sales for that purpose.

The member Reinaldo Lopes got the hand painted porcelain plate, of limited edition, given by the member Mary Lu Ribeiro.

The member Fernanda Ramos got the artisan piece, allusive to "Jailhouse Rock", that Jorge Custódio has made.

The member Virgínia Rebelo was lucky enough to receive the Elvis towel/blanket, righ at the end of the event.

On the general rafflings, Vera Soares got an Elvis watch.

Ângelo Correia got this beautiful Elvis pillow.

Eduarda Gomes was lucky enough to receive a necklace with an Elvis medallion.

José Santos received an Elvis watch.

Cristina Silva was lucky to receive a necklace with an Elvis medallion.

José Luís Rufino was the recipient of an Elvis t-shirt.

Emília Faustino surprised Célia Carvalho and Jorge Custódio with a beautiful gift.

The second performance of the day was by Carlos Santos, who has sung hits of the 50's, 60's and 70's.

The third and last performance was by the Portuguese Elvis tribute artist, António Carlos Coimbra.

António's show counted with some very special moments, such as this duet with Lisa Maria Simão, of "Don't Cry Daddy". Quite moving and quite applauded. One of the highlighs, according to all present people, maybe because of being a reminder of Elvis with his own daughter, Lisa Marie. Very nice!

Another highlight of the show: António Carlos sung "Love Me Tender" and "An American Trilogy", on his guitar and having per company his own daughter, Inês Henriques, playing the violin. It was beautiful! Very much applauded.

Another lovely moment was the dedication of "I Just Can't Help Believin'" to his wife, Judite Henriques.

At the end of the party, last photos were taken (Carlos Coimbra and Lisa Simão, left, and Célia Carvalho and Fátima Silva, right)...

People have danced to the rhythm of "You're Still the One", sung by António Carlos, "à la Elvis"...

Carlos Santos had to stop dancing when he started to listen to António Carlos singing one of his own original songs, "That Old Way", ending up singing it together, in duet.

At the end, all participants got presence certificates, as well and personal gifts related to Elvis.

We finished by singing "The Wonder of You".


"Yesterday, Sunday, 6 March 2016, we have celebrated 60 years of Rock and Roll and Elvis, in Torres Vedras. It was an afternoon filled with emotions. There were very beautiful moments. The friendship, the sharing, the transforming of the virtual into reality, the remeeting and the birth of new friendships.

"Adding up good people to the renewed family that was united till the end of the party. Those were gifts. A group of admirers of a charismatic and simple Man in his Greatness, who has shared his talent and gave 'talents' to the needed, more than a half of his fortune ended up in social causes.

"What has touched me more? Several situations. I really enjoyed singing with Carlos Santos, what a beautiful voice, low and well balanced, containing Cash's spirit in itself and his very own charisma.

"What a nice surprise, Paulo Carmo, how beautifully he sings and what a lovely tone! He said he was sick with the flu?! Keep it up, since that sickness was a nice sound and feeling. Singing is not shouting, it must give pleasure and be honest. Paulo has proved it perfectly, with class and nice taste.

"Carlos Sales didn't surprise me, I had already listened to him and he owns a beautiful voice, also filled with feeling. He sings and he feels, since he knows what he's talking about. Singing is feeling and feeling is understanding. He sings Elvis quite well, with his own voice. That gives a special beauty to it all. Very well.

"Don't Cry Daddy" with... Lisa Maria was beautiful, I thought, as well as all that were there, found it quite moving. Another moment of sharing.

"It was special to sing to the woman of my life, my dearest wife for 21 years and who I've known as souls even before I was born. My love shares with me all the good moments and helps me in the hard moments. 'This time the girl is gonna stay, for more than just a day', I said this two decades ago, and now I've sung the lyrics of the King's song, the meaning of those words.

"Indeed, it was her who has given me a precious gift, who was on stage with me for two themes, just with guitar, voice and the violin of Inês Henriques. The silence that we have heard during 'American Trilogy' has spoken quite, quite loud. Thank you, daughter. Thank you, mates of this journey. To all of you.

"Dearest Célia Carvalho and Jorge Custódio, what surrendering, what talent, what love, so, so much work, worries, expenses and love involved in this gift of yours, only to allow the pleasure of a smile and the privilege of reliving unforgetable moments...

"My dearest Mary Lu Ribeiro, who came from the Algarve to be with us, such as other people, from O'Porto, Fátima Santos, from Viseu, Braga, Trafaria, as Maria Antónia Pereira, beats me! Portugal has brought fans to Lisbon, coming from almost all the Portuguese geographies. I've recognized several people that were at the International Lisbon's Fair when the Elvis 100% Fan Club has invited me to be there, at the Vintage Festival. I really, really enjoyed it.

"Thank you all, including Kelly Martins, SIC's reporter and the camaraman, Odacir, born in Vera Cruz. I was just sorry that you haven't attend to the shows advertised in our poster, but your presence was important and we thank you for that.

"I arrived home extremely physically tired, but one thing is for certain: the joy of life is this. To be united in peace, singing Love." - António Carlos Coimbra.

"Yesterday my heart was FULL! THANK YOU, ANTÓNIO CARLOS COIMBRA, FOR HAVING SHARED THE STAGE WITH ME! It was a privilege, an honor and a great EMOTION! 'Thank you, Daddy'! Elvis 100%'s event is one of the most thrilling socializings... where we remeet people once a year, people that we never forgert in our daily lives!" - Lisa Maria Simão.

"Lisa, congratulations! I loved and was quite moved with that moment. It was beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!" - Olga Gabriel.

parabéns! Adorei e emocionei-me com aquele momento. Foi lindo, lindo, lindo!" - Olga Gabriel.

"You have said (written) everything, dear friend António Carlos. You let your heart speak and, as if it was still necessary, you have proven, once again, that you are an enlighted being. It is a privilege to count with your friendship. A big hug. Thank you for the emotion you have given me." - Carlos Sales.

"Thank you, Célia Carvalho and Jorge Custódio, for this souvenir of this spectacular day, as always. Wonderful socializing among all of those who love and idolize the King. Once again, thank you. I loved the belt and the frame, and singing for everybody was quite nice. Keep up the good work you have been doing to preserve Elvis Presley's memory." - Paulo Carmo.

"Francisco, I want to congratulate you for your performance yesterday in our event. It was one of the best I've attend to, you were incredible. Those who were there loved it, you can believe it." - Olga Gabriel.

"Congratulations and thank you so much for the excellent show! Me and my family loved it!" - Liliana Silveira.

"Some words to congratulate you for the event. In my opinion, everything was great... It was beautiful!... The details of the decoration, the way everything was organized, the countless surprises throughout the afternoon; everything shows lots of effort and dedication, commitment and altruism... Everything was done thinking about the others and for a cause that couldn't have been better represented... Congratulations!!! I'm positive that your involvement and of all that have contributed to this show, was enormous and, yes, you have outdone yourselves!... From the feedback I kept listening from other present people, it was also obvious their contentment." - Sandra Figueira.

"Thank you, Célia Carvalho and Jorge Custódio, for the wonderful day that you have given us. I lack words to describe all the emotion I have felt, all the joy of a fantastic socializing in an environment that was easily felt the joy reflected on the faces of everybody. Thank you for the souvenirs that you have given me and which will always remind me of those happy hours that I have spent (we have spent). To me, the organization was 100% (it had to be, given the name of the fan club). I was happy, I came home happy and I'm still happy. Guilty? You, Célia and Jorge, friends of my heart!!!" - Carlos Sales.

"I really enjoyed it. Everything was quite good. Thank you so much." - Celeste Cunha.

"It was quite a good show and very well organized! Congratulations to the fan club! Thank you much!" - Maria Sameiro.

"Very good, I really enjoyed everything... the singers, too... and the lunch was quite good." - Filomena Silva.

"You have well deserved the gifts that you have received for all the hard work and the success of the party. Everything was quite good. I also want to thank you for the souvenirs that were on the table, as well and the table marker, which we notice has been handmade and gave lots of work to make. Once again, congrats to all of those who have made this possible, including the fans. And this 'Elvis' who sings Elvis, who sings songs that Elvis didn't sing, but as he thinks Elvis would have sung them. He even has a CD, which I have, with those songs and he's a perfeccionits, everything to detail: the jumpsuits, the belt, the ring, even the moves... In this party he was presented with a necklace that was a copy of one that Elvis wore in his shows. He sings beautifully!" - Maria de Lurdes Carreira.

"Everything was 5 stars, I loved it! I even commented with my table mates: so much work that all of this must have given! But it's quite a pride, isn't it, Jorge? Knowing that an event with so many people went by so well in all levels, not hurting Elvis Presley's  name. To me, that is the most important thing and you (Jorge and Célia), are quite the perfect public relations! May 2017 come quickly! Love and God bless." - Ana Paula Ferreira.

"In the 'good Portuguese' tradition... 'luck' reserved, in the corner that read 'Elvis', the table where I met the backstage of our 'mature' pop... and, like that, I was able to savour the talent of whom, on stage, in the same sense of sharing, feels the flavor, served with contagious emotion, in a familiar and welcoming environment... Party made of affections, this present feeling, in his absence, of someone bigger than life!" - Victor Rodrigues.

"I loved everything, especially, the show... But, for a moment, I dreamed it was Elvis that was there, singing, and giving me that scarf... it was beautiful and shall never forget these moments of joy and socializing, as well as having remet some members. I also want to congratulate Célia Carvalho for the beautiful organization of this event, all the best to you all." - Fernanda Ramos.

"We have loved going to Torres Vedras to witness to these great artists. We shall never forget and we hope to attend to many more. Thank you very much. " - Amália Zacarias.



Vamos conviver / Let us socialize
E também recordar / And also remember
É valor a não esquecer / It's an unforgettable value
É momento de festejar / It's time to celebrate

Elvis, vida que fez história / Elvis, a life that has done history
Fez vibrar a nível mundial / He made worldwide vibration
Morreu, mas vive na memória / He is gone, but lives in our memory
Imitar é fácil, mas nada igual / To impersonate is easy, but not quite the same

Será sempre recordado / It will always be remembered
Eternamente o mês de agosto / Forever that month of August
Deixou de estar ao nosso lado / He left our side
Mas a saudade deixou um gosto / But we miss him dearly

São estes valores que deixam o mundo / These are the values that leave this world
Mas que jamais sairão da nossa visão / But who shall never leave our sight
Porque algo nasceu cá bem fundo / Because something was born deep inside
E a música encheu o nosso coração / And the music filled our hearts

É isto o recordar e não esquecer / This is remembering and not forgetting
Alguém que algo nos deixou / Someone who left us with something
E como o recordar é viver / And as remembering is living
A fama, o valor, foi Elvis que ganhou / The fame and value, Elvis has earned them

Um tributo é valiosa mensagem / A tribute is a valuable message
Que o povo deseja honrar / That the people wishes to honor
É sempre o valor de uma homenagem / It is always the value of an hommage
De quem queira dedicar / Of those who want to dedicated it

To see all of these photos (and many, many more) with quality, check out the photo albums on Elvis 100%'s Facebook page:

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Movies about the Party (just in Portuguese):

César Santos, Sandra Santos and Carlos Santos...

... Célia Carvalho and Jorge Custódio: "We thank YOU all for everything!"

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