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Poster of the fair, at the entrance of Pavillion 4. / The look of our stand shortly after we have prepared it, on October 4th (a day before the opening of the fair)

It was once again with a great deal of pleasure that Elvis 100% accepted the invitation by Lisbon International Fair to be present on this third edition of the fair dedicated to Vintage. Year after year the Vintage Festival grows stronger and people get more and more interested. This year alone, there was an increase of 34% in the number of the visitors (over the 53,000 visitors last year). Inside Pavillion 4 of FIL, the diversity of offer was visible, from clothing, to vinyl, musical instruments, fashion and accessories, furniture, decoration articles, famous vehicles, like the Wolkswagen station wagons and the old Fiat models, workmanship or gastronomy. Animation was always present, with music of the 60's, in which the artist Jorge Paulo was included whom, from Elvis 100%'s stand, sung several themes of that time (of Elvis' and not only Elvis), taking us back in a "Return to the 60's" and also the band Discovers. Equally present were the Motorcycle Rockers. And there was music of the 80's and 40's, including dancing, with the styles of Charleston, Lindy Hop, Vintage Jazz, Balboa, Rock, among others. We had live hairstyling and make-up, a parade of Miss Pin Up Portugal, inspired on the ideals of beauty of the 50's, among others. The event made it possible for the vintage lovers and all people in general, to participate in the several activities, to acquire products and relive those times from long ago, so present in this festival.

On our side, we have remet old friends, made some new ones and established new contacts. We did the rafling of two Elvis articles among the members of the fan club that came to the fair, just as we had previously announced. The lucky ones were Fernando Simões and Amália Silva. Everything was quite positive! Our appreciation goes to FIL and all the people involved in this project in order for it to be a success. You know who you are. God bless you! We leave you here some photos taken during this fair, of our stand and Jorge Paulo's performances, who is also going to animate our next "Elvis & Friends 2017", besides our Portuguese Elvis (the tribute artist in Portugal, António Carlos Coimbra).

Note: Photos with better quality (and many, many more!) are available in our album on the Elvis 100% Facebook page. It's a pitty we haven't photographed all the fans, including some that came from quite far away to be present. See the direct link to the photo album, below.

Legends: These were the articles rafled among Elvis 100% members that came to the fair: a voucher to be in our next fan club party, "Elvis & Friends 2017", which went to Amália Silva; and the package Elvis on Television (2 CDs and a book with 100 pages), that went to Fernando Simões.

Legends: On our stand: Jorge Paulo, Célia Carvalho, Amália Silva amd João Silva; Teresa Clemente, Antonieta Seabra, Elizabeth Magalhães and Célia Carvalho.

Legends: On our stand: Jorge Paulo and Célia Carvalho, with Maria de Lurdes Carreira and Etelvina Brázia.

Legends: On our stand: Marco António and Cláudia Faria, from the Lucky Duckies, visited us again this year.

Legends: On our stand: Jorge Custódio, stradling the Honda C110; Célia Carvalho, with Bianca and Sara Silva.

Legends: On Motorcycle Rockers' stand: Jorge and Célia with Francisco Romão; Carlos and Ângela Sales.

Legends: Célia and Jorge Paulo with Aida Santos; the young fan, Daniel, with 8 years old.

Legends: Midway of Jorge Paulo's performances, Célia Carvalho did the rafling of the Elvis articles.

Album with Photos on Elvis 100% Facebook Page - "VINTAGE FESTIVAL - FIL (05 - 09/10/2016)"


O Elvis 100% no "Vintage Festival" (05 a 09/10/2016) - Parte 1
Contains performances by Jorge Paulo and resume on the fair, among others:

O Elvis 100% no "Vintage Festival" (05 a 09/10/2016) - Parte 2
Contains performances by Jorge Paulo and Miss Pin Up Portugal parade, among others:

O Elvis 100% no "Vintage Festival" (05 a 09/10/2016) - Parte 3
Contains performances by Jorge Paulo and the rafling, among others:

"My best regards to all the ones who follow this page, to the associates, the fans, to Célia and Jorge. First of all, congratulations for the video work, it's fantastic. Secondly, I want to congrat you for all the commitment and dedication throughout the event. For people who describe themselves as non professional in this business, you have done a wonderful job. As for myself, I thank you once again for the chance of participating in this event... thank you for your friendship." - Jorge Paulo.

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