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This is an important year for all Elvis Presley's fans, since it's the 40th anniversary over his passing. A little all over the world several tributes are done and, of course, Elvis 100% couldn't be indifferent. We have celebrated the life and legacy of the King of Rock'n'Roll on 26 March 2017, at Os Severianos Restaurant. Initially, as we have advertised, the first was going to be served in the beautiful exterior space and garden, but as the weather was so bad, we had to give up the idea and serve the whole meal inside the room where the event took place. Fortunately, the bad weather incident was greatly compensated by the animation and warmth felt among all the present people on this day.


This year we had lots of new faces in this annual celebration, namely several members of the fan club who have shown up for the first time and who promised to be present in future events. Besides, this is what always happens with everyone who come and taste these gatherings. The places in our country where these fans came from were also the most varied so far. Check them out: Entroncamento, Vialonga, Lisbon, Cartaxo, Marinha Grande, Vila Nova de Santo André, Quarteira, Sobral de Monte Agraço, Vila Franca de Xira, Quinta do Conde, Serpa, Mem Martins, Rio de Mouro, Almada, Vila Nova da Caparica, Viseu, Oeiras, Cascais, Ericeira, Queluz, Belas, Trafaria, Tomar, Sesimbra, Pombal, Leiria, São Miguel (Azores), Seixal, Oliveira de Azeméis, Grijó, São João da Madeira, Alcobaça, Sacavém, Torres Vedras, O'Porto, Leiria, Tábua and Coimbra. As you can see, Elvis fans spread all over Portugal.


We had musical animation by the friends Carlos Silva Sales (who sang two Elvis themes; It's Easy for You and Girl of Mine); Paulo Carmo (who sang Don't, The Girl of My Best Friend and I Remember Elvis Presley), and who had already performed for us in last year's event; Jorge Paulo (a rookie at Elvis & Friends and who has present a "Return to the 60's", with the interpretation of several themes by other artists) and, of course, the main performance of the afternoon, by the Portuguese Elvis Tribute Artist, António Carlos Coimbra.

It was a very special show, since the artist presented a recreation of the mythical Elvis concert, Aloha From Hawaii, even going to the extent of dressing like him, with all kind of stage wear and even the famous flower "leis" (made by the fan Mary Lu Ribeiro, from Quarteira), around his neck. That was the reason why we have chosen an Elvis photo from Aloha for the advertising poster of the 2017 event. Some performances worth to mention, in between the Aloha recreation, were a duet with Marco António (from the Lucky Duckies, present in the party with his wife, Cláudia Faria) and António Carlos Coimbra who, together, sang My Way. Jorge Paulo also had the chance to sing a duet with António, this time It's Now Or Never. And one of the special moments came when António Carlos sat at the piano to sing two extra Aloha songs: There's a Honky Tonk Angel and Words.


The socializing before lunch was served was quite pleasant, with some surprises, among them the offer of a silk scarf with the personal monogram of António Carlos Coimbra to all the ladies present in the room, whic was very much appreciated. We have also done the usual rafflings, this time two for members (an Elvis table that went to Carlos Silva Sales and a wooden Elvis box made by the member Cláudia Morelli to Fátima Santos) and two for the general public (a pillow with Elvis in Aloha to the daughter of the member Victor Rodrigues, Verónica Rodrigues and a clock to Mr. José Luís Pimentão). There was room for some personal tributes, special thanks to not less special people, who made this event possible, due to their personal commitment and love for this cause. You know who you are. Further appreciation, of course, goes to Elvis fans, who came to join us in this initiative and to Elvis, since, without him, none of this would be possible.


It was a very beautiful party, worthy of a king, as some of the photos below can prove it. But we advise you to check the albums on our Facebook page (see the links below), where hundreds of photos that portrait moments that remain in our memories and hearts are. Elvis left us 40 years ago, but in the hearts of those who were there, without a doubt he has not been forgotten!

 Room where the event took place, before the fans arrived. The tables were all identified with replics of one of Elvis's guitars. And all tables had several offers for the fans.

The first performance of the afteroon was by the friend Carlos Sales, who sang "It's Easy for You" and "Girl of Mine".

The second was by Paulo Carmo, who sang "Don't", "The Girl of My Best Friend" and "I Remember Elvis Presley".

 The third performance was by Jorge Paulo, who did a "Return to the 60's".

We have done two rafflings among the general public. Verónica Rodrigues went home with an Aloha From Hawaii pillow.

Mr. José Luís Pimentão got this Elvis clock.

 We have done two rafflings among members of Elvis 100%. Fátima Santos won this Elvis wooden box, personalized and made by the member Cláudia Morelli.

Member Carlos Sales had the luck of taking home this beautiful Elvis table, right at the end of the event.

And two people in each table had the luck of getting a key chain and a necklace, with surprise gift hidden in the chairs.

The last performance of the afternoon was by the Portuguese Elvis Tribute Artist, António Carlos Coimbra.

António's performance was highlighted with some special moments, like this duet with Marco António, from the Lucky Duckies, of "My Way", considered one of highlights of the party, as well as his delivery of two beautiful songs at the piano.
Another different moment was the "It's Now or Never" dueto with Jorge Paulo. The spectacular ending even had the right of presenting an equal cape to the one Elvis wore in "Aloha From Hawaii" and everything!

Another wonderful feeling of "mission accomplished", in a beautiful tribute to Elvis Presley.


"Anxiety, always running, sweat, hours, moments, months of preparation, tenderness, lots of love, the moment arrives... A family around the memory of a special man, to whom they call the King and who has refused the title saying that the King was Jesus. That man, named Elvis, brought us unforgettable moments and friends who have became family. Today was a tiring day, but in spite of some mishaps, we can smile because there was harmony, sharing, joy. Thank you, Célia, Jorge, Mary Lu, Judite, for without your friendship and love, nothing of this would have been possible. God Bless the King." - António Carlos Coimbra.

"On my and Ângela's behalf, here's our feeling of pure gratitude for the mentors of this magnificent event: Célia and Jorge, as well as for all of those who, in some way, have contributed with their commitment and dedication for a memorable afternoon in all regards. At this moment and speaking personally, I still feel the vibration of those moments, of climbing up the stage, of the songs I had the privilege of rendering and the immense joy I felt by listening to so many people, Elvis fans or not, who have come to me to congratualte me, telling me they were admired and pleased by what they had listened to. Who knows me best knows that I get emotinal very easily, but yesterday's emotion was more than justified. To see and hear Marco António, on stage, praising me on my vocal qualities, he didn't know me from anywhwere and, later on, purposedly came to my table, to talk with me and tell me he was very pleased by what he had heard, was, indeed, very emotional. I'm literally 'stretching' out on this comment and I want to end by congratulating all the artists we had the pleasure to listen to and reaffirm my deep appreciation to those - Célia and Jorge, head on - who have given us an unforgetable afternoon. God bless you, friends!!!" - Carlos Silva Sales.

"Thank you, Célia, for everything: for having given us another Wonderful day. I LOVED IT!!!" - Ângela Sales.

"The impact of someone is measured by the quantity of happy people throughout time... we all have the notion that in life nothing will be perfect... I believe, however, that for each one of us there must be a song that in the most difficult moments can cheer us on and given us back hope... Elvis is probably the voice in the majority of those songs, since he makes us feel who good it is to share. So love is, nothing else matters and what it counts is to be there, to able to listen to that song, loud and clear, without fearing to disturb the neighbors... Thank you, António Carlos, for the talent with which you enchant us when you sing the song. Thank you all who, even not knowing the song, understand the magic of a present like friendship. God bless you and may life brings the fortune of repeating such moments as these, only possible when someone knows what it means to be a Friend... Célia and Jorge, a big hug!" - Victor Rodrigues.

"It was excellent. I loved it. Nice socializing, good people, it was an excellent day. Throughout the even I kept sharing it with my group of friends live, profiting from showing and letting them know about the fan club and the acceptance and comments couldn't have been better. It is always good to resee some people I already knew, and meeting new ones. José, from Viseu, was excellent in our conversation about music. Carlos Sales and his family are extraordinary, simple and nice people, really fantastic. A special kiss goes to Célia and my tribute for the extraordinary job she has been doing throughout the years and, specially, for this event. Tired, but I know she was happy. A big hug to Jorge Custódio, who I didn't know, for his enormous sympathy and kindness. All present people were happy and that is motive of pride. A word for António Coimbra: Fantastic!!!!!!!" - Paulo Marques.

"Moments are marked by unforgettability (I don't even know if this word exists), but it's nice to relive these marking moments of a youth almost forgotten, but mainly experiencing of all these moments so they become unforgettable. I hope next year we will all be together for another moment like this. God bless you all and thank you so much." - Jorge Martins and Judite Santos.

"Today was one of the best Elvis events. Thank you, Célia and Jorge, you have done a wonderful job! Tó Carlos, what can I say? You are the best Portugal has. 'You're simply the best'. Thank you. It was a long ride, but we have done it! I love you, guys!!!!" - Mary Lu Ribeiro.

"Thank you for the wonderful day and for your commitment and professionalism in everything you do to honor the King and all of those who idolize him, Célia and Jorge, you are untireable: THANK YOU. It was a wonderful afternoon, it was fantastic. It has getting better and better each year. Congratulations and all my best." - Paulo Carmo.

"Fantastic afternoon... quite good, really... great show... it was an enourmous pleasure to be a part of this event and having the chance of sharing the same stage to sing It's Now or Never with António. You are the best, my friend. Congrats, Célia, congrats, Jorge, for your dedication, availability, choice of place for the event and initiative... it was fantastic... Thank you for the chance and big hug to those who have musically participated in the event, thank you to all the present people for your love... it's another unforgetable moment that I will keep in my memory trunk." - Jorge Paulo.

"It was simply fantastic... I will be present in next Elvis & Friends, without any doubt! Oh, Célia, it was the best Elvis event I ever had the chance to witness... the ambience was excellent, the food likewise, the people... everything 5 stars! I cried several times and when António sang American Trilogy, I couldn't contain myself! The jumpsuit was really beautiful, a perfect replica. I admire immensily your dedication for Elvis and I really want to be able to help out in a future event! And thank you so much for having introduce me to everybody, I'm really proud of my name! Thank you for everything, Célia, really. And keep it up, since what you do is fantastic." - Elvis Morgado David.

"My husband and I really enjoyed this year's event and even commented that it was the best of them all. Like he said and rightly so: good musicians, good restaurant, good fans and good audience. This wouldn't have been possible without a good organization by the board of directors of the Official Elvis Presley Fan Club 'Elvis 100% - Still Rockin'?'. Once again we thank you for having given us such good moments, and to able to be present was wonderful. God bless. Kisses." - Virgínia Rebelo and José Rodrigues.

"Thank you for a well spent afternoon. It's a deserved title, after all... António Carlos Coimbra, the Portuguese Elvis!!!! Thank you for the wonderful show. Luís didn't bother anyone and Luís's mother was delighted. I say two or three things. I didn't like it. I loved it! Closing our eyes and listening to António Carlos Coimbra... It's like were attending an Elvis show. Except when he talks directly to you and comes out of the character. But even his normal voice... it's so similar! Compare it to the original. Listen with your eyes closed and go back a few decades. Time travel... and space travel. With this gentleman this is possible, YES! Who would guess that there was a vocal 'clone' (and stage presence, too) in the 'neighbour' country... or almost... (just because there's an ocean in between) who speaks such a different language!" - Maria Gabriela Dias.

"Célia, once again I thank you for everything you have done to give us a fantastic sunday. Everything was excellent. Whenever there is future events, please, tell me. António Coimbra was exceptional and a real doll. Kiss." - Paula Rodrigues Peixoto.

"It was excellent! I enjoyed the party very much, it was five stars, the singers were wonderful, especially Carlos Coimbra. Congrats for the organization. The work involved is really too much, only someone well organized manages to do it." - Maria Sameiro.

"Thank you, congrats for the work involved, everything was beautiful. It was a good choice of the restaurant, everything was very good. Another fantastic day with the Elvis & Friends party! Congrats, thank you all who have made this possible. I loved the folks in table 1. I say goodbye of my 67 years old in great style." - Maria de Lurdes Carreira.

"In spite of the rain, today I had a very pleasant day, in the company of many Elvis fans and attending to the performance of a Portuguese Elvis, António Carlos Coimbra, one of the best there is. For those you like Elvis, see the photos, so you can enjoy the incredible and beautiful jumpsuit he wore today." - Etelvina Brázia.

"To say I liked it is to say very little, but until I can manage, I will be present. Thank you so much for the photos of the event where we appear in the unforgettable Elvis & Friends 2017, good restaurante service and magnificent show." - José António Santos.

"I had just met him personally and see how nice he is and how he welcomes 'friends' (note of Elvis 100% - António immediatly hugged her). He is adorable and he has that voice that makes us travel in time and we can remember ELVIS very easily! All my best, António Coimbra." - Antonieta Seabra.


"I enjoyed everything! I loved all artists! ALL OF THEM! God bless you all and many kissed and hugs to all the organizers of the vent, especially Célinha!" - Elizabeth Magalhães.


"We really enjoyed the event, everything went smoothly. Thank you all so much for your effort. The friends that accompanied us for the first time also loved it." - Amália Zacarias Silva.


"I loved the event. I was there for the first time and became an immediate fan, since everything was excellent. Thank you everybody, you're fantastic." -

"I want to thank everybody who did everything for this event to take place. As for myself, I loved it." - José Horácio Rosário.


"I write because of yesterday. For lack of enough adjectives, I just give you my thanks and, head on, reserve places for me next year. Congrats everybody (including the excellent artists) and thank you so much." - Miguel Santos.


"Hi there!!! The place was beautiful, the food was delicious, António, as always, was perfect! We loved it!!!! You are always very nice to us, thank you for everything!" - Cláudia Morelli.


"Thank you for your invitation, we are always available. Our group, once again, enjoyed the party. Congrats for another event in which, on behalf of Torres Vedras Motoclub, we were quite pleased for, once again, be present. All the best." - José Luís Rufino.


"My congrats to the organization. Everything was quite nice: the place, the food, the socializing, the artists. As my first time in your events, I simply loved it. My thank you for you all and, next year, I'll be here." - Encarnação Lopes.


"Another successful event, leaving us wanting some more. Thank you for the commitment and dedication!" - Ana Domingues.


"The first time is never forgotten. It's the first time I come to a meeting of the Elvis fan club. It was worth it, withouth a doubt. It's to be repeated, may God allow. Thank you. Viva Elvis. Long live the King." - José Carlos Major.


"It was a wonderful afternoon in the company of the artists and friends. Congrats, Célia and Jorge, many kisses." - Fernanda Ramos.


"I really enjoyed it, as always. It was well organized by Célia and by Jorge, who are fantastic. Keep it up for many years. Hugs." - Filomena Silva.


"Very well organized, very good. Congrats, Célia and Jorge." - José Eduardo Marques.


"Thank you for another afternoon filled with good musical moments, good company and lots of animation! May the King keep on being remembered forever! Elvis Forever." - Jaime Vicente.


"Magnificent party, magnificent show! Thank for the invitation." - Orlando Jarra.

To see all of these photos (and many, many more) with quality, check out the photo albums on Elvis 100%'s Facebook page:

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