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In the one that was our last "Elvis & Friends", more than 150 fans went to Figueira da Foz, in order to get togeter in the beautiful Quinta da Salmanha where, once again, we have celebrated Elvis Presley's musical legacy.

Even the weather conditions, which had been awful the previous days, improved, since not a single rain drop fell on Figueira da Foz on April 15th, 2018, even though it rained in other points of the country! And therefore, all the guests were able to enjoy the beautiful space, the gardens and appreciate the entrées, which have been served outside, next to the room where the party took place.


This year we had the ususal faces present in our events and, once again, new ones, who came for the first time and have congratulated us at the end for everything they have experienced there, also sorry - of course! - for not having been in the previous events. The places in our country where these fans came from were also the most varied so far. Check them out: Entroncamento, Vialonga, Lisboa, Cartaxo, Marinha Grande, Vila Nova de Santo André, Quarteira, Sobral de Monte Agraço, Póvoa de Santa Iria, Alverca, Barreiro, Serpa, Mem Martins, Rio de Mouro, Almada, Vila Nova da Caparica, Viseu, Belas, Ramada, Odivelas, Guimarães, Sesimbra, Pombal, Leiria, São Miguel (Açores), Oliveira de Azeméis, Grijó, São João da Madeira, Torres Vedras, Porto, Leiria, Tábua, Cinfães and Coimbra. As you can see, Elvis fans spread all over Portugal.


We had musical animation by the revivalist band Vinyl Gang (who did a real back to the past return, filled with nostalgia and animation, also with the special participation of Tânia Cruz). Before their performance was over, Célia Carvalho did a simple and fair tribute to the artist and friend Daniel Bacelar (also a member of Elvis 100%), who unfortunately passed away in September 2017. His wife, Fernanda Bacelar, unfortunately had to cancel her attendance at last minute, due to health issues. Vinyl Gang played, also as a tribute, the song Traveling Man, sung and recorded by Daniel Bacelar, by his idol, Ricky Nelson. And, of course, we had Elvistic animation by the Portuguese Elvis Tribute Artist, António Carlos Coimbra who, once again, surprised us all, with a

To see all of these photos (and many, many more) with quality, check out the photo albums on Elvis 100%'s Facebook page:

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Album 6 - "Elvis & Friends 2018" - Performance by António Carlos Coimbra and the Vinyl Gang 
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Movies on this initiative:

The Initial Socializing:

Lunch and Socializing:

Vinyl Gang's Performance:

Tribute to Daniel Bacelar with the Vinyl Gang:

António Carlos Coimbra's Performance:

Carlos Silva Sales's Performance

António Carlos Coimbra and Vinyl Gang's Performance:


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