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Giant poster of the fair.
The look of our stand when we finished setting it up, on 03nd October (before the fair opened)

For the forth time in a row (and the fifth year of existance of this fair), Elvis 100% was present during Vintage Festival, at the International Lisbon's Fair (FIL), between 03 and 07 October 2018, with its own stand and activities promoted by us, with the presence and sponsorship of Motoclasse.

RTP marked this fifth edition with its Memory channel, with shows broadcasted directly from FIL, with the presence of many figures that still mark today the "box that changed the world", such as Júlio Isidro, Nuno Markl, Fernando Alvim, Álvaro Costa and Inês Gonçalves. The new aspect this year was the participation of Radio M80, as the official and sponsor radio channel of the Vintage Festival.

It was with determination, passion and work that we marked our presence at Vintage Festival in Pavillion 4. Just like in previous years, we have given invitations and free tickets to members and friends of the fan club who wanted to visit us. We have exhibited Elvis Presley material, an Honda C110 motorcycle model (red version, exactly like the one Elvis rode in Viva Las Vegas) and had live performances by the Vinyl Gang, in our stand, who have covered hits of the King's (and not only) career. We have met friends, made new ones and new contacts (it happens all the time!) and we also had fun. We were just sorry that not all the ones who wanted to be present could not do so and that we haven't managed (it's lots of things!) to photograph all the friends and fans that came by our stand. We leave you, however, with some photos on what happened over there, not forgetting to advise a visit to the photo album that we have published in our Facebook page (see the link below) where many, many other photos are posted with better quality.

Our appreciation to FIL for the invitation and the organization.

Legend: As in 2018 the 50th Annivesary of Elvis' Comeback Special is celebrated, we have paid a small tribute to that moment in our stand, with allusive items.

Legend: Several items in exhibition.

Legend: Pre announcement of Elvis 100%'s 18th Birthday Party, in Quinta da Salmanha,
at Figueira da Foz, on 07 April 2019.

Legend: The pleasant surprise of the visit of friend and fan from Ponta Delgada (Azores), Vítor Correia and Raquel Chaves (on the right, with Jorge Custódio).

Legend: Célia Carvalho, being interviewed by RTP Memória. / Virgínia Rebelo and José Rodrigues, who came from Entroncamento.

Legend: António José Portela. / Maria de Lurdes Carreira, Célia Carvalho and Filomena Silva.

Legend: Célia Carvalho, Sónia and Rui Miguel Silva. / Marco António and Cláudia Faria, of The Lucky Duckies.

Legend: João Silva, Amália Zacarias Silva, Célia Carvalho, Belmiro Carlos and Mª Céu Almeida. / Jaime Vicente.

Legend: Our stand, ready to receive Vinyl Gang's performances.

Legend: Vinyl Gang's performances, with Pedro Teixeira on guitar/vocal, Carlos Rocha on bass and André da Cunha on drums.

Legend: RTP Memória filmed Vinyl Gang's performance.

Yet another good initiative that went along pretty well. Thank you so much to Vinyl Gang, for the performances and the availability, as well as all of you who came by to visit (not all captured on photo, as previously mentioned).

Album with Photos on Elvis 100% Facebook Page - "ELVIS 100% AT VINTAGE FESTIVAL - FIL (03 - 07/10/2018)"


This movie contains a short version on everything that went on this fair and information on Elvis 100% space.

This movie contains footage of fans that have visited us and also the first performance by Vinyl Gang.

The third and last movie contains the second performance by Vinyl Gang.

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