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Everyone Together to Sing... Happy Birthday to the King

On the last January 12th, Elvis 100% organized a social lunch to celebrate Elvis Presley's 67th Birthday (January 8th) and the 1st Anniversary of the Fan Club (January 21st).
"Oh! Hipólito" Restaurant, at Lisbon's Amusement Park, welcomed this initiative with niceness and dedication. For the purpose they opened exclusively for the Fan Club and made available some resources, like the giant screen where the King didn't fail to appear!
We thank everyone who participated as well as the phone calls from those who couldn't make it. He hope you have enjoyed yourselves and we count with your presence in future events.

Some of the first people to arrive at the restaurant and present us with their smiles were Custódia, Maria Cortizo and Délia Barros.

Victor Rodrigues, who, once more, was present, with Miguel Santos, who was already thinking about the football game with Sporting on that evening!

They couldn't be present at Cinemateca, but this time Paula and Carlos were there.

A little break from lunch to take this very smiling photo of Célia and Ana Rita.
Eduardo, Lena and Sara Matos. Ana and Etelvina Brázia, very nice presences.
Virgínia and José Rodrigues, always having fun, with us once more... Entroncamento isn't that far anyway!

Carlos Silva, Paulo and Bruno Quintino: Tradition still is what it used to be! 

Ricardo and Cláudia Silva and Conceição Campos.

The birthday cake was generously donated by "O Furo" Restaurant and it was quite an attraction after "Happy Birthday" was sang. 

Maria Antónia showing off the souvenir the Fan Club offered every member, with her usual extroverted self! Next to her is Serafim: where the fun begins!

Fernanda Ramos and Humberto Ladeira.


When the raffle of an Elvis CD took place, the winner was Victor Rodrigues. But as he already had the CD, he gave it back to the Fan Club and a new raffle was done. José João is by is side.


Member Ana Rita, 7 years old, was in charged of taking the names out of a bag and on the second try, she took the piece of paper with her own name. His father, José João (Board of Directors), already had the CD and he thought his daughter shouldn't keep it. Rita, as a big Elvis fan that she is, didn't find that the least funny and cried. The general opinion was the same: Rita kept the CD.

Serafim and Humberto won respectively the video tapes Viva Las Vegas and This Is Elvis, for having been the ones getting more new members for the Fan Club on the campaign for that purpose that lasted for the whole year of 2001.

Isabel Lousada: a good sense of humor is Isabel's key for having fun!


Carlos and Sandra and what was left of the cake!...

The restaurant offered the champaign and everyone got up and toasted: health for everyone and hurrey to the King, Elvis Presley.

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