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Club's 2nd Anniversary and Elvis 68th Birthday

That’s right. Another year of the youthful existence of Elvis 100% has gone by. To celebrate this event and Elvis’ birthday, whoever wanted to party joined the members of the Board of Directors at Café da Palha Restaurant, on February 1st 2003 (coincidently, the day of Lisa Marie’s 35th birthday).

Café da Palha Restaurant, at Parque das Nações, Lisbon. / The birthday cake.

As usual, there was Elvis music—that, even when we arrived, was already being heard out from the speakers (Pedro Guerreiro’s courtesy) - guitars to join the voices of who wanted to show their singing talents, lots of conversation and fun. We also did a raffle of some Elvis articles. The Elvis 30#1 Hits CD went for the lucky (and surprised!) Etelvina Brázia, who said, “But I am never lucky!" A promotional t-shirt of the same CD went to Humberto Ladeira. And 4 audio tapes went to 4 other lucky fans.

Legends: Mª Antónia Pereira and her beautiful Elvis t-shirt!

The birthday cake, with an Elvis photo, was shared among everyone present, including the 3 journalism students who were producing a documentary titled “One Day In the Life of an Elvis Fan”. There was still an opportunity to acquire the new magazine the Fan Club has got for sale on Aloha From Hawaii and to receive donations for Acreditar Association. We thank those donations in the institution’s behalf. The toast—with champagne generously given by Café da Palha—evoked the anniversaries and included wishes of continued success for our Fan Club, for Elvis and health for all the present and absent ones. Here are the photos of some of the moments experienced there. We hope you enjoy them!

Carlos Santos. / Henrique Tigo.

Legends: Humberto Ladeira and Carlos Santos. / Humberto Ladeira and Serafim Cortizo.

Legends: Carlos, Serafim and Humberto, in a jam session. / Miguel Santos, with his copy of the extra magazine 100% Aloha.

Legends: Henrique Tigo, in the company of the journalism students, Tiago and Tânia. / Célia Carvalho and Henrique Tigo.

Legends: Raffle of Elvis articles among the fans. / Sandra Santos and Etelvina Brázia, winner of the 30#1 Hits CD.

Legends: Carlos Silva, nursing his son, Miguel. / Carla and her baby, Miguel. / Humberto, Sofia Gersão and Serafim.

Legends: Pedro Guerreiro. / Maria Cortizo.

Legends: Custódia. / Carla Costa.

Legends: Paulo Quintino. / Ana Brázia.

Legends: Victor Rodrigues. / Fernanda Ramos.

Legend: José João Simões and Henrique Tigo.

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