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Aloha From Hawaii at the Monument Padrão dos Descobrimentos

Legend: (From up down, left to right): Jorge Branco, Hugo Capelão, Humberto Ladeira, Carlos Santos, José João Simões, Célia Carvalho, Sandra Santos, Rui Figueiredo, Victor Rodrigues, Carla, Délia Barros, Etelvina Brázia, Ana Paula Carrilho, Fernanda Ramos, Serafim Cortizo, Fernanda Bacelar, Daniel Bacelar, Custódia and Maria Cortizo. Note: We are sorry we couldn't photograph everyone.

In our previous edition all the members were invited to attend to an Elvis surprise concert at the auditorium of the beautiful monument Padrão dos Descobrimentos, on September 27th. As this year the 30th Anniversary of Aloha From Hawaii (if you want to know more about this concert, check out Elvis Biography) is being celebrated, this was the chosen concert to screen. We took this chance to, also, mark the 26th Anniversary over Elvis' passing.

The lunch at O Carvoeiro Restaurant (founded in 1900), in Belém, was fun in spite of the rain that insisted in "granting us with its presence". The most important thing was the high spirits of the Elvis fans and it wasn't a little rain that could change that! After lunch we did the promised raffle of an Elvis article.

It wasn't the triple CD The Ultimate Collection as promised, since it is completely sold out in the market. Therefore, we did the raffle of the 5 CD box set, The 60's Masters. The lucky one who got it was Mª Antónia Pereira, but as she already had this box set, she gave it to the member Maria Cortizo. This was all done in the midst of many laughs and joking around. But nobody walked away without a souvenir though, because the Fan Club offered all its members an Elvis CD.
Legends: Ana Paula Carrilho, with her beautiful Elvis tatoo in her arm, in the company of her husband. / Fernanda Bacelar, Jorge Branco and Daniel Bacelar, very amused.

The time for the screening at Padrão was getting near, which occurred at 5.00 pm. The Correio da Manhã Newspaper (to read the article, click) had published an article advertising the event and, as such, several unknown people to us appeared searching for some good times watching Elvis sing. Before the screening, Célia Carvalho did a brief speech, welcoming all the present people and explaining what they were going to see and why. She took the chance to mention that all the profits that Elvis managed to earn with Aloha in 1973 went for charity towards the Kui Lee Cancer Fund and that Elvis 100%, in its will to follow the same example, was making a charity campaign to help the children of Acreditar Association (to read about this charity campaign, click). Whomever might feel to contribute, it would be for a good cause. We are happy to say that several people made their donations, not only in cash, but in books and even small toys.

Legend: Aura Guedes and her cousin, Maria de Belém.

During the screening, it was almost as if we were seeing Elvis for the first time since, in fact, the general opinion was unanimous: it is completely different to watch the King on a big screen and with a very good sound system. There was applause, interaction with Elvis, laughs and even requests for encores!

To end the day in a perfect way, new members entered the Fan Club and it was quite nice to hear the comments of some of them, congratulating us for the organization and saying that they really loved having been there. That's the main goal, after all. The only thing left to say is to thank the members and friends who, besides the elements of the Board of Directors, were present at this event:

Fernanda Ramos, Serafim Cortizo, Aura and Alfredo Guedes, Maria Belém Mendes, Fernanda and Daniel Bacelar, Jorge Branco, Mª Antónia Pereira, Humberto Ladeira, Maria Cortizo, Custódia, Délia Barros, Hugo Capelão, Humberto Ladeira, Victor Rodrigues and Carla, Isabel and Jaime Pereira, Carlos Silva, Afonso Silva, Etelvina Brázia and Ana Brázia, Rui Figueiredo, Ana Paula Carrilho and husband, Bruno Silva and wife and many others who showed up and whose names we don't know.

We also thank Lisbon's City Hall and Padrão dos Descobrimentos monument for having supported our initiative and Correio da Manhã newspaper for the advertising.

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