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- 1st Elvis Presley Plastic Arts Biennial -

(In order to know the expressed opinion of some artists on this biennial, visit the Opinions section of this site)

Legends: Gravura Gallery, a little before the inauguration day. / Inauguration day: Henrique Tigo is talking with Célia Carvalho and the artist A. Ventura.

As we announced since the beginning of 2003, on November 6th the inauguration of the much awaited 1st Elvis Presley Plastic Arts Biennial took place, at Gravura Gallery, in Lisbon. The biennial was in exhibition until November 12th. 

Several people were present on the inauguration day, among them artists, members of Elvis 100% and art lovers in general. While the diplomas were being handed out to the artists that were present, the coordinator of this exhibition, Henrique Tigo, spoke a few introduction words to welcome everybody, followed by Célia Carvalho, vice-president of Elvis 100%, who thanked the artists for the time they dedicated making works of art on Elvis Presley. The manager of Gravura Gallery, Dra. Teresa Albuquerque, said, "I could never imagine that, after all the years of our existence - 47 years - I would see so many Elvises in exhibition. I never thought it could be possible." All in all 28 works dedicated to Elvis Presley were exhibited and in several modalities: painting, drawing, sculpture and "azulejo" (glazed tiles).

Legend: Célia Carvalho, Henrique Tigo and Dra. Teresa Albuquerque.

Following a meeting that the Jury of selection (Henrique Tigo, representing Escadote Cultural Association, Master Júlio Cruz, representing Gravura Gallery and José João Simões, representing Elvis 100%) of this Biennial had to do to attribute the prizes and the honourable mentions and according to the respective regulation, it was decided to give the First Prize in the painting category to the artist Eduardo Perestrello, for his portrait titled "The Perfect Man" (to better viewing of the portrait, click). Considering the quality of other works in exhibition, the Jury found it fair to still give Honourable Mentions to the following artists: painting titled "Elvis I", by Rui Carruço (to see the portrait, click); painting without title, by Manuela Marques (to see the portrait, click); painting titled "Elvis", by Daniel Moreira and the sculpture, "Elvis' Guitar", by José Costa.

Legends: Portrait winner of the 1st Prize: "The Perfect Man", by Eduardo Perestrello. / Eduardo Perestrello, receiving the 1st Prize from Henrique Tigo.

The organization and the Jury of this Biennial is happy with the participation of the plastic artists and, recognizing the quality of some of the exhibited works, proposes to do a 2nd Biennial, in a way that the legitimate aspiration of these artists and Elvis Presley's fans can be satisfied. We only regret to say that it wasn't possible to exhibit the mail art call works, since, on a last minute decision, the promised exhibitors supplied by Lisbon's City Hall, were not handed over in time by that entity. However, nothing stops us from exhibiting the mail art call works in a future opportunity. Meanwhile, whoever wants to see some of the received works, you can check the Art Gallery.

We end up by listing the names of the artists that participated in the 1st Biennial: A.Ventura, Adozinda Silva, António José Lopes, Aurora Bargado, B. Alves, Bruno Precatado, Carlos Santos (invited artist), Célia Carvalho (invited artist), Daniel Esteves Moreira, Eduardo Perestrello, Gonçalo Beja da Costa, H. Mourato (invited artist), Joaquim Sousa, José Duarte Costa, Manuel Pina, Maria Manuela Marques, Miguel Barros, Pulk, Rui Carruço, Sofia G. (invited artist), Vera Occhiucci and Ticia Beudet (invited artist).

We thank all the media entities who have advertised this initiative: Antena Miróbriga Radio, Correio da Manhã Newspaper, National Confederation for the Handicapped Organisms, Região da Amadora Newspaper, O Varzeense Newspaper, A Comarca de Arganil Newspaper, Renascença Radio, Clube Português Radio and TSF Radio (we advise a visit to the Historial of the Fan Club for more details). We also thank the committment and work of Henrique Tigo for the success of this initiative.

Advised web sites to visit: Escadote Cultural Association (http://escadote.planetaclix.pt/) and Gravura Gallery (http://gravura.planetaclix.pt).

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