Location: Tupelo, Mississippi.
: Jack Christal

Elvis, welcome to Tupelo.
Thank you, sir.

It's certainly nice to meet you, Elvis. I'd like to ask you just a few questions, I know you're in a terrible hurry. First of all, how does it feel... all this tremendous reception... to be back home after these years, and have everybody come out to see ya and meet you like this?
It really feels great. I've been lookin' forward to it for a long time.

Have you met a lot of your friends tonight?
I sure have. I met a lot of people I went to schol with and a lot of my kinfolks I haven't seen for a long time... and it's really been a great day.

I know it has, and it's been a great day for the people of Tupelo, too. They had a terrific parade in your honour this afternoon. I wish you could've seen it.
I wish I could've been here, but I couldn't make it.

It was great. We met your parents tonight and they're really proud of you, and I know you're proud of them. And Tupelo is certainly proud of you. Like to ask you a couple of questions... other now... before we quit. One is, how do you feel now about the reactions of the teenagers, like the young lady (Judy Hopper) that jumped on the stage this afternoon, and the way they act down in the audience? How do you feel about it?
I really enjoy it. I think it's great that they care that much about you, you know. I had people ask me, did I think it was silly. I do not. I think it's wonderful. I'm glad that they think enough of me.

Well, they certainly do think enough of you, and I think that's evident by the fact that they're out there just chompin' at the bits right now for you to come on out. And I wonder if you have anything you'd like to say to all the people of Tupelo, and your friends and relatives here.
I'd like to say to all the people that brought me down here... Mr. James Savery (Fair Administrator), the (Tupelo) mayor (James L. Ballard) and the (Mississippi) governor (J.P. Coleman) and all, thanks for givin' me the most wonderful time of my life, and all the wonderful people that came out to see me.

Elvis, thank you so much. it's been terrific to interview you. Would you like to say one thing about your movie before we sign off?
It'll be out in November. It should be released the first of November. That's all I can say about it.

Have they planned any kind of premiere for it?
No, not yet. I wish I knew.

Well, good luck to you, Elvis, and thanks a million for the interview. We'll see ya.

Source: Elvis Presley Interview Record, on the album An Audio Self Portrait.