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In this section you will be able to find transcriptions of interviews given by Elvis and by people related to him, either because they're elements of his family, either because they were his friends or still working mates. It's an excellent way of better knowing the King of Rock.

(10 interviews in chronological order):

On 01 July 1956, Elvis was interviewed by Hy Gardner, for his programme Hy Gardner Calling. Elvis was staying at the Warwick Hotel, in New York. The interview was broadcasted from there by WRCA-TV. Here is the transcription of that interview, as well as a complete video subtitled in Portuguese.

On 28 August 1956 a special magazine was issued, called Elvis Answers Back!- Elvis Confides in You, with an attached gold 78 rpm record, which contains a long letter read by Elvis to his fans, in an attempt to show them his appreciation and commiserate with them over adults’ criticism of his music and his pelvic gyrations. What you’ll read here is a transcription of everything Elvis said, illustrated with 28 photos of our man in his prime. Enjoy.

26 September 1956, Tupelo, Mississippi.
Interviewer: Jack Christal (when Elvis gave two live concerts in his home town).
03 April 1957, Ottawa, Canada.
Interviewer: Gord Atkinson (when Elvis first visited Canada, where he would perform live).
22 September 1958, Brooklyn, New York.
(Before Elvis embarked on the USS Randall, that would take him away to Germany, to complete his service there, he gave this press conference).
03 March 1960, Fort Dix, New Jersey.
(When Elvis finished his military service, he gave an interview in Fort Dix, New Jersey. Read about his experiences).
31 July 1969, Las Vegas, International Hotel.
(When Elvis finished his fantastic comeback concert to live stages in Las Vegas, he gave a press conference).
27 February 1970, Houston, Texas.
(When Elvis gave his first live concerts on this town after his premiere in 1969, in Las Vegas).
Here is the transcription of that interview, as well as a complete video subtitled in Portuguese.
09 June 1972, Madison Square Garden, New York.
(When Elvis gave his live concerts on this venue for the first time).
October 1976, Phone conversation between Red West and Elvis Presley. Exact date unknown. Elvis is in Memphis and Red West in Los Angeles. It was Red West who tape recorded the conversation after he and Sonny West and Dave Hebler have been fired by Elvis.

(20 interviews in alphabetical order):
Interview with Anita Wood, 26 August 2001.
Interviewer: Andrew Hearn, from the publication Essential Elvis (Anita Wood was Elvis's girlfriend in the 50's).
Interview with Ben Weisman, 27 February 2005.
(Ben Weisman was the songwriter who wrote more songs for Elvis - 57 - and here he talks about that experience and about other moments spent with Elvis, mainly during the movies era).
Interview with Bill Belew, 27 May 2005.
(Bill Belew was the designer of Elvis's personal and artistic wardrobe since the 1968 TV special).
Interview with Billy Smith, 12 February 2006.
(Billy Smith is Elvis's cousin and, in this interview, done by EIN, he reveals lots of things on the most famous cousin in the whole world. Billy grew up with Elvis and lived with him until the day he died).
Interview with Dolores Hart, december 2014.
Dolores Hart was the actress who worked with Elvis in Loving You and King Creole. If you want to know a bit about this actress who became a nun, how she met Elvis and what made her give up a marriage and a  promising career in Hollywood, check out this video. It's subtitled in Portuguese).
Interview with David Stanley, 27 June 2003.
David Stanley is one of the three children of Dee Stanley, Vernon Presley’s – Elvis’s father – second wife. Therefore, David had in Elvis a stepbrother during the years he lived with him, since he was 4 years old until Elvis died. Here are some of his thoughts on whom David considered a brother, but, above all, a father).
Interview with Charlie Hodge, 09 April 2005.
(Charlie Hodge met Elvis a little before both of them had to go and serve their country in the Army, where their friendship grew. Later on, Charlie would perform live with Elvis, playing the guitar).
Interview with Glen D. Hardin, 19 June 2002.
(Glen D. Hardin was Elvis pianist during the 70's.
This interview was conducted in Denmark, by Arjan Deelen. Read on Glen's views on the work he did then with Elvis and the work he still does today).
Interview with Hal David, 2006.
(Hal David was the songwriter of two songs for the soundtrack of Kid Galahad. Here you'll be able to read about his opinion on Elvis and his work).
Interview with Hal Kanter, 09 May 2006.
(Hal Kanter was the screenwriter and director of the movie
Loving You - Elvis's second movie. He also worked as screenwriter for Blue Hawaii. Very interesting, his comments, on how it was to meet and work with Elvis).
Interview with Jan Shepard, 22 June 2007.
(Jan Shepard played the role of Elvis's sister in the movie King Creole. Here, in this interview done by Joe Krein, she tells how did she meet Elvis and how it was to work with him in this movie and also in Paradise Hawaiian Style).
Interview with Jennifer Holden, July 1999.
(Jennifer Holden played the role of one of Elvis's love insterests in the movie Jailhouse Rock. Here, in this interview done by Andrew Hearn, she tells how did she meet Elvis and how it was to work with him in this movie).
Interview with Joe Guercio, 18 March 2005.
(Joe Guercio was Elvis conductor during the 70's. Read about his past and present experiences, Elvis' related).
Interview with Larry Geller, 30 October 2003.
(Interviewer: Piers Beagley. Larry was Elvis' personal hairdresser and spiritual advisor, besides a big friend. This interview might be very touching sometimes and intimist).
Interview with Linda Thompson, 19 June 2002.
(Interviewer: Andrew Hearn. Linda was Elvis's girlfriend since his separation from Priscilla and until eight months before he died. Read on her experiences).
Interview with Lisa Marie Presley, 27 April 2003.
(Interviewer: Dianne Sawyer. Lisa Marie talks about her private life, her several failed marriages and, most important in this case, about her father).
Interview with Lisa Marie Presley, 17 August 2007.
(Interviewer: Beville Darden. Lisa Marie talks about her private life, she gives some opinions on culture and today's youth and about her father)).
Interview with Marlyn Mason, 09 December 2005.
(Marlyn was Elvis's co-star in the movie The Trouble With Girls. Here she reveals how it was to work with him, the talks they had and her several memories).
Interview with Mike Stoller, May 2002.
(Interviewer: Ken Sharp. Mike Stoller is one of the elements of the team Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, who have wrote several songs for Elvis. Learn about the background stories on the songs, the movies in which they have participated and other events).
Interview with Red West, 03 November 1999.
(Interviewer: Todd Slaughter, president of the English Elvis Fan Club. The first part is a conversation between Red and Todd and the second part is answers to questions asked by the audience. Red West was Elvis's friend and bodyguard since their highschool days).   
Interview with Sonny West, 2007.
Sonny West died on May 24th, 2017 in Nashville after a prolonged illness. He was 79 years old. The man has been in the hospital since October last year. Sonny was a member of Elvis Presley's entourage and met him for the first time in 1958 before Elvis left for his military service to Germany. Later he worked for Elvis, and was responsible for the fleet and bodyguard. He even lived for a period at Graceland. This is an interview Sonny gave to EIN in 2007, where he shares great many stories).   
Interview with Steve Binder, 07 July 2004.
(Interviewer: Jay Williams. Steve Binder directed the Elvis comeback live show in 1968, NBC TV Special. Read about his quite interesting inside revelations).

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