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Elvis Tribute Show by Elvis Impersonator Supplies Money for the Voluntary Firemen of Lagoa!
- 8 December 2006 -


Elvis 100% was recently contacted by the end of November by a lady whose name is Natasha Luckman, who was responsible for the organization an event that had per goal the collection of monies for the Voluntary Firemen of Lagoa, in Algarve.


The event in question was a tribute Elvis show, done by a young man named João lino, who took lace on December 8th, 2006, around 08:30 p.m., at Lagoa's Auditory (Auditório de Lagoa, Rua Município de S. Domingos, 4800-415 Lagoa, Portugal), with an approximate duration of 1h45min. The price per ticket was 15,00 Euros per person, children included. The auditory had capacity for 300 people and even though they only managed to sit 240 people, according to some witnesses, the audience was quite excited. The best of all is that João Lino and Natasha Luckman, in this joint effort, were able to collect 1,000.00 (one thousand) Euros for the Firemen, which, in our opinion, was excellent. It seems the Firemen were quite happy with this initiative and donation.



Even though we do not know João Lino or Ms. Natasha in person, we kept a close contact during the last days that preceded the concert and we could only regret the fact that we could not be present to attend and also have some fun, but personal commitments prevented us from travelling to Lagoa on that specific day. However, as we thought this was a commendable initiative, we just simply could not pass the chance to promote it among all our contacts and also advertise the event in this website. We will keep this contact going and... we'll never know if we may not meet in the future. Meanwhile, we leave you with some illustrative photos of the concert on that day.


We know that another concert by this impersonator is taking place in February, although the precise information on the date and venue are still not defined. We will informo you as soon as possible via email and this website.


Note: The photos below are from other events and not the concert mentioned in this article.



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