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Black Brocade & Red Trim
Las Vegas, Season 2 – 57 Shows – January 26th – February 23rd 1970

The Black Brocade & Red Trim is identical to its predecessor, with the exception of the little wider pattern around the chest opening and on the collar. The pattern on this suit consists of red unicorns and something which appears to be a bird on the back. Between these there are flowers in red, purple and white and some green lealves. On each side of the sleeves, there are three black cuff buttons.

Legend: 30/01/1970, Las Vegas. The sole known photo of Elvis wearing this suit.

The belt used for this suit is red macramé with red plastic beads in an oval pattern. The ropes at the end tied on Elvis left side have the same red plastic beads.

This suit was worn in the Las Vegas season January/February 1970 and one of these black suits was probably worn in August 19th the same year. On the actual show, Elvis said: "The reason I use this black suit tonight - I usually use white suits, but I wear this dark suit, uh... cause you can't see my cord tangled around my legs up here... uh..."

This suit is today on display at Graceland without the belt that was sold at the Jimmy Velvet auction in June 19th 1994, and probably still is in private hands. Several years later it was up for yet another auction - this time at the Heritage on April 21st 2003, but it was not sold.



Elvis Presley, Fashion for a King, by Tommy Edwardsen and Atle S. Larsen (Follow That Dream)


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