Black Short Two-Piece & Chest Pockets
Las Vegas, Season 1 57 Shows July 31st August 28th 1969

This is a short jacket with high collar that is significantly higher than the one on the "Herringbone" outfits. Actually, this jacket is very similar to the leather jacket that Elvis wore in the live shows in the NBC TV Special. The jacket has chest pockets with a button on each pocket flap. And one black sleeve button on each side of the sleeves.


Elvis usually used black pants with red leg insert to this jacket and pants without leg insert was probably also used.



The belt used for this suit is called "Metal Concho" and it is a leather belt with big metal jewelry with small turquoise rhinestones around the edge. This is a well known belt in the Elvis World, and it was used in private on the set of Stay Away Joe and also on the rehearsal in August 4th 1970 at the International Hotel, to name a few occasions (see photos below).



From time to time Priscilla would travel to New York, looking for jewelry and belts for Elvis to wear in private and sometimes at his performances, much like the "Metal Concho" belt.


Elvis used a number of different scarves to "Black Short Two-Piece Suit & Chest Pockets" or "Black Two-Piece Pocket" suit. Hopefully this suit exists in the Graceland Archives, but it has probably never been exhibited.



Elvis Presley, Fashion for a King, by Tommy Edwardsen and Atle S. Larsen (Follow That Dream)