Black Two-Piece
Las Vegas, Season 1 57 Shows July 31st August 28th 1969

Legend: On his way to the Nancy Sinatra opening show, on 29/08/1969, in Las Vegas.

The "Black Two-Piece" suit has a black jacket with a high collar, considerably higher than the collar on the "Herringbone" outfits. The jacket has one buttonhole on each side of the opening and closed with cufflinks. There is also a black sleeve button on each side of the sleeves. The first time Elvis used this suit was in the early hours of August 1st 1969 at the famous press conference after the opening show. And at this conference he used simple black pants with high waist. When Elvis wore this suit on stage, he usually wore pants with red leg insert, and he rarely used belts to this suit on stage. Sometimes the Metal Concho Belt was used and it can be seen under the jacket. A black and red scarf similar to the one he used on the press conference was also used on stage.


Legend: Press conference, after his opening show at the International Hotel, in Las Vegas, on 31/07/1969 and 01/08/1969.


"Black Two-Piece" suit or "Black Two-Piece Mohair" suit can be seen on display at Graceland with the black pants that Elvis wore on the press conference.


It is possible that Elvis used a "Navy Blue Two-Piece" suit, but as mentioned before, it is very hard to see the difference between a black and a dark blue suit.


Elvis always wore the same color on the top part of the outfit and pants this season. It is almos certain that he never mixed colors.



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