Navy Blue Herringbone
Las Vegas, Season 1 57 Shows July 31st August 28th 1969

The Navy Blue Herringbone suit is a dark blue two piece suit with the same design as the previous suits with simple designed pants. Pants with light blue kick pleats was also used.


The two inches wide dark blue fabric belt inspired by a karate belt has the same herringbone pattern with approximately six inches long fringes at each end. The belt was tied around the top part of the outfit. The scarf Elvis normally used with this suit was a light blue one.


Navy Blue Herringbone suit, Navy Blue Cossak or Navy Blue Karate Style suit, as it is also known, was used under this Las Vegas season, and today the suit can be seen on display at Graceland. In some pictures it looks like Elvis is wearing a navy blue outfit, but it is the light in the show room coloring the suit. Because of that, it sometimes can be hard to tell these suits apart.




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