White Brocade & Orange Trim
Las Vegas, Season 2 57 Shows January 26th February 23rd 1970

White Brocade & Orange Trim suit is identical to the White Brocade & Silver Trim, with the exception of the inlay color of the pattern around the chest opening and the collar, which on this suit os orange instead of white. On each side of the sleeves, there are three white cuff buttons. Unfortunately, no picture of Elvis in this outfit is found. If Elvis actually wore this suit, he would probably have used a belt similar to the one he used with the White Brocade & Silver Trim suit.

It is believed that White & Orange Brocade, White & Gold Brocade or Gold Sleek, as it is also called, was probably worn several times during this Las Vegas season (January/February 1970). Like most of the suits this season, it's also possible that it was rarely used in August and September 1970.



Elvis Presley, Fashion for a King, by Tommy Edwardsen and Atle S. Larsen (Follow That Dream)