White Short Two-Piece & Chest Pockets
Las Vegas, Season 1 57 Shows July 31st August 28th 1969

This suit has the same design as the previous suit, with simple designed white pants. Elvis used two different belts with his suit, "Metal Concho" and "White Lion Head" belt. This was also a belt that Elvis used in private throughout the Las Vegas season. The white belt had the same design as the red belt, as you can see in the documentary That's The Way It Is from the rehearsal in August 7th 1970. The belt also has lion heads, studs and chains like the belts to come.



Elvis used a multicolored blue scarf to this suit, also know as "White Two-Piece Pocket" suit. This has been in display in Graceland and is now in their archives.


It is possible that Elvis used a "Navy Blue Short Two-Piece & Chest Pockets" suit, but is is very hard to see the difference between a black and a dark blue suit. Even if there exists some photos where the suit looks blue, it is believed that it is the stagelight and development of the photo that makes the color of the suit look blue.



Elvis Presley, Fashion for a King, by Tommy Edwardsen and Atle S. Larsen (Follow That Dream)