The 35th Anniversary may have passed, but I am still in a state of reflection on so many special moments, hours, days, nights of the seven years I  spent with Elvis and the entire Elvis family. My life was forever altered into what now seems like a fairytale or movie I can hardly believe was real. 

What many of you may not know is The 16th of August not only marks the day Elvis left us, but it was on August 16, 42 years to the day... in 1970... that I flew into Vegas to begin working with him and all of those who became such close friends and family really... many of whom sadly are now also gone. It  marks two years since I met  many of you here, my FB friends, while watching the live cam Candlelight Vigil! It is YOU who have caused me to remember details of those years I would never have recalled, and YOU who have shown me that although the adage "all glory is fading" may be true for those of us who are now aging, and as we move towards a new "glory", You have NOT forgotten (as I believed  two years ago), nor will you allow it to ever be forgotten.

These past few weeks have been an emotional roller coaster for me, which I  spent mostly in solitude, pensively remembering moments I have not allowed myself to recall for 42 years, and sprinkled with wonderful moments  visiting with personal friends I cherish. Thank you all... each one of you... for remembering Elvis, and for your determination to continue to  enlighten others today about how important Elvis and his music was not only to the history of music, but as to the impact he and his music had on  the entire world, changing all of us forever; Yes, freeing us by making us so happy and by elevating our consciousness on so many levels. His appearance in our lives  is proof of this long understood fact: Music and the evolution of human consciousness are... and forever wil be... inter-twined in a marvelous web.  I am in awe that I could possibly have even been a small part of this history. It occurred to me these past few weeks that when I was called by Elvis to join his show, the music known as "rock'n roll" was only about 14 years old! We now know "it" will last forever. Let us not forget it's explosion into our lives was a gift of the man chosen to give it to us... Elvis Presley... and that he and this new music shook the entire planet into a delightful world of happiness and freedom. 

I can hear Elvis saying, "Without the fans, none of this would be possible".  I am reminded of this daily by your friendship here on FB. He and  his music brought us all together. I am so thankful that I survived to see this day... to  know you remember. It is now up to you to guarantee this miraculous man's legacy, to ensure that his changing the planet and each of us forever with  his new "world music" never... never... be forgotten.