A video sent to me yesterday where Elvis goes over to J.D. to sing the end of Hawaiian Wedding Song reminded me of this little experience.

We were in Lake Tahoe and J.D. and I had a brainstorm. Let's play a little prank on Elvis tonight! We planned to have the sound man switch our mike's sound at just the time Elvis would come over to me to sing that sweet ending on the Hawaiian Wedding Song. Well, J.D. assured me he would take all the blame if Elvis got really mad or something, so... We got together with the sound engineer, and asked him to do just that. He agreed and said, it would sound "real sweet" but it will be J.D.'s voice that comes from your body. "Yes, that's what we want," said we, and off to do the show we went... just couldn't wait.

Legend: Elvis and Kathy, singing Hawaiian Wedding Song.

Something went a bit wrong here, though. Yes, the sound man switched our mikes so it would look and sound like I had this low Bass voice, but... he turned the sound up WAY TOO HIGH. It almost blew the speakers when J.D. sang my part and the audience shuddered. I swear the curtains swayed. As Elvis was facing me singing and I opened my mouth, but just moved my lips looking as innocent as I could... J.D.s inhuman basso voice blared out, "I do... love you... with all my heart"... Elvis' hair blew back just a bit from the sound's volume. This does really occur at times. He was so shocked at how his soprano's voice had become a bass, and a very loud one at that, that he immediately left the stage. I can't really recall for sure, but he may have even laid down then, too. Just can't recall. All I know is I was as shocked as anyone by the volume! J.D. then broke into his Singer's Laugh, and... well... I think the show ended shortly after that. Elvis did not get mad, and no, we were not fired. He laughed and laughed and laughed. Once again, we barely made it through to the end. Luckily it was near the closing numbers.