As I sat there in a bit of shock, I recall very little of what Elvis was discussing with the young ladies sitting on the floor in front of him. I was preoccupied with finding a way... a "way out" gracefully.

I did, however, notice his interest in who they were, what their lives were about, then quickly reverted back to contemplating my uncomfortable situation.

If I dared to actually meet the eyes of a few of the girls, they raised their eyebrows which widened their eyes, and I was met with their smiles, the type of smiles that indicated they were attempting to hold back fierce laughter. One girl even put her hand over her mouth as she held back giggles, and I quickly glanced away so as not to cause a laughing breakout.

As I surveyed the bar area, there was a man or two behind the bar serving just a couple of people a drink, then ahead of me in the front door two men escorted in two young bombshells over to the group sitting in front of Elvis.

"Hmmm... it is obvious, the guys are bringing forth young beauties for him, ones he might become interested in."

"At least it's a very quiet party", I thought. Not the stereo-typical party one expected from a rock-n-roller.

Elvis' arm around my left shoulder felt heavier and held me tighter just as the men had brought those girls in.

"Oh, Lord! How did I ever end up in this mess!" I screamed inside. "I have to find a way out, somehow avoiding embarrassing him," I thought. (It was way too late to avoid being embarrassed myself, as the girls all knew from the conversation we had before he arrived. The only one who didn't seem to know what I was going through was Elvis.

"I was told Elvis was having a get-together here! I was invited because "He just wants to get to know you as a friend?!" I was replaying the invitation over again in my head.

Oh, God! I thought that everyone was invited! And what on earth made him think I would be his date? And he is the reason John didn't show up, or call me? The nerve of him talking to John about our dinners, the nature of our friendship! And he's married! For Gods sakes!"

"Would you care for a cold drink? Any snacks? Pepsi? Or coffee or tea? Or anything you want, I'll get it for you!" he said. I couldn't look at him but just long enough to say, "No, thank you. I'm fine."

Inside myself I was NOT fine.

"Fine? I'm fine?" Did I really just say that? His left leg had been crossed over his right knee and bouncing nervously I noticed, but what gave me breathing room was the moment he crossed his right leg over his left,and the bouncing ankle and boot... well, just bounced off me.

"I'm sorry," he chuckled, "never have been able to control that" he said and he thankfully moved at least an inch farther from me.

"It's okay, it didn't hurt", I replied at the same time I was scanning any distance in between the ladies that would offer me an exit route.

One of the girls motioned with her eyes to her right, as she scooched over to make a tiny space for me, but it was clear that I just had to speak up.

Thus... "Well, I've enjoyed visiting with you, but I really need to go now,"  I whispered to him.

His immediate response was startling. He grabbed my hand, pulling me up with him as he stood quickly, and moved through the girls causing the Red Seas to part quickly.

"Come with me, I want to show you something before you leave!" his smile was huge and his brows raised high. But I was thinking, well... "at least I'm getting closer to the front doors." NOT SO.