The video entitled "Elvis Presley Live Nevada Night" that was sent to me by Renee Allen has sparked an interest in why he called me Minnie Mouse and what on earth I had given him.

I had been shopping that afternoon and noticed a pair of "floaty feet". Inner tube type things for a pool or a lake. They were huge feet that would float on the water if you wore them (only thing was that when we tried them, one foot went flying away from the other, and it was impossible to not fall into the water. Dangerous if one was near the edge of the pool).

Legend: Lake Tahoe, 21/08/1974.

As J.D. began singing is solo in Why Me Lord... "Lord help me Jesus"... Elvis ran off stage quickly and put them on! He waddled out onto the stage like a duck! Those things were gigantic and almost impossible to walk in.

J.D., as you can hear on this video, just went to pieces. Probably the only time in his entire career that he couldn't sing a word/note... NADA. Following that chaos, Elvis goes on to explain to the audience that "Minnie Mouse over here"... sent these to me before the show, etc. Something like that. Minnie Mouse was Elvis' nickname for me, for those of you who don't know.

I never, never dreamed he would wear those out onstage. That one really surprised me. As I just listened to this again while attempting to attach the video link, I noticed that I kept singing my part as if nothing was happening. Now that was unusual for me. Great memorey here - the laughter and just fun.

Board of Directors Note: For those of you who want to search in the Internet the video that Kathy refers to, the link is: and the concert is from 21st August 1974, in Lake Tahoe.