SECOND NIGHT VISIT - I Don't Know What to Call This One Yet - PRINCE CHARMING? - Part 2

When he gathered himself, though still emotional and shaken, he barely uttered, as he turned back toward me.

People have been doing this to me all my life! But no one has ever explained it to me before. I see now...I understand it now!.. Finally!" Shaking his head and placing both hands on my face, as just a couple of small tears that had been held back too long dripped free down his cheeks, he simply stated, "God knew what he was doing when he sent you to me, Kathy! He knew. You calm me...give me a sense of peace. I feel at home with you."

I was quickly reminded that I needed to discuss "friendship" with him, but now it was an even more delicate situation. I saw a sensitive man before me who had just been injured, just never reach the angry stage. His emotions were always right at the surface of his being. He was not embarrassed to cry! "This is a huge reason he's achieved so much in his life!" I thought.

"I am so amazed at how you handled it! You did not lash out at her! You were such a gentleman! I don't know anyone else who could have or would have handled that like you just did. "Thoughts of a couple of people I knew flashed through me...people who could... and would... have made certain she'd never be allowed in the entire city of Vegas again for the rest of her life.

" You are so gracious, so friendly, so good to so many people every single night? Elvis, I don't know any other celebrity that meets with people every night! Who invites their fans up to meet them? Nobody I've ever known."I was shaking my head in disbelief now, not just at what that girl had done to him, but at how uniquely different he was as a man, a human being, an entertainer. (As I recall this, I'd bring your attention to the historical references to Elvis as a "recluse". Ha! Yes, a man who for the seven years I knew him invited fans and friends to visit with him night after night, day after matter where he work in any city, U.S.A., or at his home. Yes...he is infamously known as having been a recluse. This is laughable beyond...oh, I don't even know how to compare this inaccuracy to anything, but if Elvis represented the meaning of the word "recluse",  then Merriam Webster et al need to re-define a big, long list of words.)

 "I like people, Kathy."he said in a lower, softer voice, as one who accepted this within himself and would not stop visiting with people, even though there might be one whacko in the group of those who did appreciate an evening like this,... an evening they'd remember always.

He was just too goodhearted, too friendly and kind to total strangers and loved people too much. As he stared off a little again, I felt a need to help him not take it too seriously. I began to joke a bit, obviously making fun of the situation.

"You're just sooo handsome, talented... you just have too many people who love you back!" He almost giggled, so I went on, "So many... that a girl like that would become thatdesperate... just to have you notice her in that crowd. And she was lucky to be invited up to meet her idol!"

His weak but growing smile indicated he was coming to terms with this, at least tonight.

"Just think of all the happy faces you saw tonight. Think of all those you met tonight who will never forget this evening with you! There is no room left for thoughts of her, because the room was filled with people you made happy!"

"I didn't sound rude to Charlie, did I?"

"Not at all! You tried to get heard and you were not yelling loudly or in a rude manner! Oh, for goodness sakes, the only way you could have gotten a message that distance quietly without climbing over 40 or 50 bodies on the floor would have been to send a note by carrier pigeon!"

He chuckled a bit, looked off past me as if thinking hard. He turned his eyes back with still a question in his eyes, and at that point we were interrupted by Charlie's voice coming from the hallway. "Elvis? _____ is coming to one of the shows tonight! (I couldn't understand just who it was.)

"Good! He and his wife have a few favorite songs. Let's make a list of them and have them ready for them."

"Okay, consider it done."

I need to interject yet another "aside" here. Just at the time Elvis should have been digesting his emotions and feelings, he was interrupted by the need to plan for the next shows. This also was a daily, constant occurrence, a part of life for the next seven years. There were but few moments he or any of us had to think...or more importantly feel what was inside us.

As soon as Charlie left I began what I had attempted to finish when I had first awakened that morning.

"I need to talk to you, Elvis. Seriously. I think so highly of you...really like you an awful lot, but..I don't see how we can manage even a friendship considering all of the..I'm notpeaceful, I don't feel right about being in this situation...and..."

"Shh, shhh, shhh. I know...I know. But I want ...and need you in my life somehow, Kathy. Please don't make a decision yet, okay? Just think about it? I will too, and I'll come up with way that we can at least be friends. Hello?... Kathleen!... Yoo-hoo? (I snapped back into the"now"). We're already friends in case you haven't noticed", he beamed.

"Oh, and by the way", he added, "Here's that book I was telling you about. I ordered you a copy, but I just want to show you how similar it is to Goldsmith's. It's along the same lines."

He picked up a tiny black leather-bound book entitled "The Impersonal Life", by Joseph Benner. He found a verse in it, and read, "I AM. To you who read, I speak. To you, who, through long years and much running to and fro, have been eagerly seeking, in books..." he paused. "Your copy should be here by tomorrow."

"Be still...and Know...I AM..." is my favorite scripture," I whispered.

"Well, we can study our copies together tomorrow!" I didn't answer but I remember his response to whatever the look was on my face.

"Let's talk tomorrow! I'll walk you to your room now. Just a second...need my jacket."

As he went to grab it, I once again fell into deep thought, wondering how I could ever puzzle this out.

We left without saying anything to anyone again, followed the same mysterious route, and I recall nothing specific at all as we walked and talked. Nothing...until he had the key to my room in his hands again, attempting to open my stubborn door. As he worked that door I looked up at him standing there and noticed for the first time that the suit he was wearing made him appear as Prince Charming from Disney's "Cinderella"!

The suit was the most gorgeous one I ever saw him in for the next seven years! Powder blue velvet...high collar again (I think he may have had a white shirt under his jacket, but am not certain. His hair style and color only added to that image.

My heart raced as I recalled that stupid dream.

He accomplished getting that lock open as I was thinking about his appearance. "He's prettier than most women!...And looks as if he stepped out of a Disney story or film."

When he turned proudly smiling at his mechanical achievement...getting my door's lock to budge, his eyes pierced right through me. They were both electric and yet soft powder-blue and perfectly matched his beautiful suit. This stunning image of him is one that can never be erased. I wish I could remember why I didn't notice this until we reached my door.

I was thinking, "He is really beautiful! The prettiest person I've ever seen!" Oddly, I wasn't thinking he was handsome or attractive.

"You look like you just stepped out of a fairytale, or a Disney film! Just like Prince Charming!" I blurted out. " Really! You look so beautiful in that brings out the true color of your eyes! You're just 'plain old gorgeous'! Now that's an oxymoron for you."

He laughed, "Or is it a...uh... paradoxical oxy moron?"

"I don't know...can't remember that English lesson. Probably one of those mis-used "meanings" that have become acceptable? I don't even understand the meaning of the word "meaning", really, and believe me I've wondered and intend to research that one!"

There was a brief pause,then he went on, "Oh Lord! Another thing we both do! Whew! We really do think alike, Kathy! Ha ha! Oh, man! Have I got some things to add to the list to talk to you about!" he added.

"Whew! Well, sweetheart, you'd better get some sleep...sweet dreams...I'll see you in a few hours."

He kissed me goodnight, turned and walked down the hall. I entered my room without watching him this time.

"Sweet dreams...He said 'sweet dreams'?! If he only knew what I dreamed last night." I was talking to myself again until I just felt an "Oh,Lord!" coming on. Please let me not dream tonight!... And watch over Mr. Prince Charming as he rests."

I collapsed after a quick bath and yes, I muddled over this evening and all I'd observed.

I began repeating that verse; "Be still, be still...and know..." and fell into blissful unconscious darkness...a very deep sleep at last.

(To Be Continued)