Shortly after Elvis asked to get to know me as a friend, we were sunning by the pool just off the living room of the suite at the top of the then "International" (soon to become Hilton) hotel. Both of us had on those silly little 'eggshell' glasses to protect our eyes.

He asked me what gospel songs were my favorites. I listed a few and mentioned "How Great Thou Art". He sat up in his lounge chair and said, "You like that? Honey, that's the ONLY record I ever received a Grammy for." We both began singing it and I said, "You should do this in the show!" He said, "YES! I'm gonna do it!"


He called a rehearsal that afternoon. Unfortunately, the orchestra members and band members didn't think a gospel song belonged on the stage in Las Vegas.

He did it anyway, and not only tid it get a standing ovation, but the crowd wouldn't stop cheering so he had to sing it again.

It remained in the Vegas shows for quite a while, yet finally there was so much pressure not to do a gospel song it was taken out for months.

Charlied Hodge talked him into doing it again in the concert tours to exactly the same inspirational response.

The rest is history.