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Legend: Memphis, 20 March 1974.

The video entitled "Fever Mid South Coliseum" reminded me of this.

The reason Elvis says, "Smile, Kathy" at the end of this video is that in the prior city, think it was Jackson, Mississippi, five or six of us ate shrimp creole, and it was BAD.  Yes, I was one of the LUCKY ones who got food poisoning. Just horrid. I was up all night (day) sick, sick, sick and was so weak I had to literally be carried onto our plane. Elvis had Dr. Nick give me oral medicine that didn't work, thus a shot of the stuff that keeps one from vomiting. For a singer - especially a soprano (high notes needed) it's disastrous also. It dries up everything, not just one's digestive system. I was so weak from "you-know-what-ing" and had no strength at all in my diaphragm (support for the voice). It was sad to me as we had anticipated Elvis' appearance in his home town for a very long time. There I was... trembling from weakness, and ready to run offstage when necessary. Horrible! At least food poisoning doesn't last but a day or two. It was the weakness that took a few days to get over. This is one of the things 'professional' performers with advanced commitments must learn to overcome. Much like say an ice skater who twists an ankle, or a skier who falls badly in the Olympics, yet must 'go on'.  (There's No Business Like Show Business). One just has to go on until... well, ...one drops. Too many people who have waited to see the show for 20 years, not to mention friends who were coming to see the show that I wanted to visit with. Times like these are when 'show business' is a struggle. 

Note: For those who want to listen to Elvis saying “Smile, Kathy”  during his interpretation of Fever in the 20 March 1974 show, in Memphis, at the Mid-South Coliseu, the Youtube link is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VfOYK01fA0. Elvis says that on minute 3.

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