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Elvis 100% - Still Rockin'!
N. 113 - July/August/September 2020

A5 format
, 48 pages, cover and back cover (content in black and white, with a central poster in color), 36 Elvis photos.
(This magazine is only available in Portuguese).

(Enlarge with Back Cover)


Editorial - Célia Carvalho;
"Elvis and the Memphis Mafia"
- Alanna Nash (follow up on the translation of excerpts of the book "Elvis and the Memphis Mafia", with the opinions of 3 elements of Elvis' entourage - Marty Lacker, Lamar Fike and Billy Smith - that Alanna interviewed on several themes):
- "Spiral" (beginning of the chapter that describes the spiral in which Elvis stepped in and from which he would never come out, towards it's inevitable ending; mentions the divorce from Priscilla and his envolvement with Linda Thompson and other women);
- "Meltdown, '73" (as described in the title of this chapter, that compares what happens in Elvis' life with a nuclear catastrophe, this really start to crumble from 1973 onwards, even though there are some positive points in Elvis's professional life, like Aloha From Hawwaii, and personal life, like Linda Thompson, as several reports testity);

- "The Turning Point" (this is the point of no return, in which Elvis didn't want to do do anything to revert the path that he had taken, both in his pills consumption and his concerts schedule, that didn't excite him anymore, or going to the studio to record. He simply viewed everything as a burden. Also mentions how Elvis tried to get rid of Colonel Parker, with no success);

Time Machine - On Tour - November 1971 - July 1972 (follow up on the translation of excerpts of the book "Elvis Day by Day").

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N. 113 - July/August/September 2020


- Book Elvis Day By Day, by Peter Guralnick and Ernst Jorgensen and
- Book Elvis and The Memphis Mafia, by Alanna Nash.

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