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Elvis 100% - Still Rockin'!
N. 16 - September/October 2004

A5 format, 40 pages, cover and back cover in colour (black and white contents), 42 Elvis photos.

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Editorial - Board of Directors;
Interview with Priscilla Presley - Larry King Live (11/02/2003);
Latest News;
Time Machine - August 1956;
Elvis' Gold Records - Singles - Part 1 - Stuart Oldfield, England;
Listen Everybody: A Canadian Tribute;
Elvis' Reflexions on Life and Death - Maia Christine, U.S.A.;
Interview with Glen D. Hardin - Elvis' Piano Player
30#1 Hits - The Story Behind the Songs (Heartbrek Hotel);
Elvis at the Overton Park Shell in 1955 - Judy Ringel, U.S.A.;
Elvis Quotes;
New Releases;
The Oldest Known Elvis' Signature - Lea Frydman, U.S.A.;
Elvis' Priceless Gift for Lisa Marie - Janelle McComb, U.S.A.;
The Priceless Gift;
The Elvis Presley You'll Never Forget - Michael Sheridan, U.S.A.;
Elvis' First Day at Work - Lea Frydman, U.S.A.;
Let's Bring New Fans for the Fan Club?
Elvis Wrist Watches - Have you Bought Yours? Click;
The Great Elvis of the 50's - Carlos Santos, Portugal;
If I Can Dream: Gandhi and Elvis Share Vision;
Elvis Still Shakes Them - Mike Maza, E.U.A.;
"Elvis Fans are More of an Expense than a Profit?"
Come and Have Lunch with Us! Click;
Elvis Mail.

Some Sources:

- Book Elvis Day By Day, by Peter Guralnick and Ernst Jorgensen;
- Newspaper The Commercial Appeal, 5 August 2003;
- Newspaper Detroit News, 1 January 1976;
- Several websites.

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