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Elvis 100% - Still Rockin'!
N. 2 - July/August 2001

A5 format,
36 pages, cover and back cover in colour (contents in black and white) 46 Elvis photos.
(This magazine is only available in Portuguese).



Editorial - Célia Carvalho;
I Can't Believe He's Gone - Pat Walsh (on his death);
Backstage of the Louisiana Hayride - Pat Walsh;
It’s Now Or Never – Test Your Capacities – Movies! (pastime);
Competition: To Organize and Win! /
Bring 5 Members to This Fan Club - We Give you 1 Prize!;
New Releases (recent releases);
Party – Party – Party! (details on the first party on September 15, 2001) Click;
Elvis Mail (space dedidcated to the members);
Expert in Kenpo Karate – The King And I - Ed Parker;
Charity Campaign Click;
Time Machine - 24 Years Ago, This Month...;
The Sun that Never Set - Sandra Raquel Santos;
Elvis 100% on the Internet;
The Southern Curse (on legends who also tragically died on the South);
Lunch Transformed in Mini-Convention...! (on the social lunch among fans that took place on June 2nd, 2001) Click;
Letter of a Spanish Rocker, by Leslie, of the Los Sirex, Tribute and translation - Manuel Monteiro (Hillbilly Cat);
Contents of newxt magazine.

Some sources:

- Book Elvis Day By Day, by Peter Guralnick and Ernst Jorgensen;
- Several copies of Elvis Mail magazine, by the English Fan Club;
- Magazine Black Belt, March 1990;
- Several internet websites.

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