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Elvis 100% - Still Rockin'!
N. 28 - November/December 2005

A5 format,
40 pages, cover and back cover (content in black and white), 47 Elvis photos.
(This magazine is only available in Portuguese).

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Editorial - Célia Carvalho;
Latest News;
The Thunder and the Comet - Some Want and Some Don't (on Elvis and Bill Haley);
70th birthday - Remembering Elvis (Larry King Live);
Alternative Missing Studio and Movie Takes, Part 2 - Stuart Oldfield, England;
A Very Special Comeback - Carlos Santos, Portugal;
Time Machine - January 1957;
Graceland's 2nd Floor - Enigma;
Case: Is Elvis Alive?;
New Releases;
Elvis' Grandaughter Gets Famous with Dior;
30#1 Hits - The Story Behind the Songs - Teddy Bear;
Sensations - 1th Part - Célia Carvalho, Portugal;
Elvis Mail;
Listen Everybody - Collectors Gold - LikeTheBike;
Elvis Words;
Elvis Presley Versus John Lennon - Lea Frydman, U.S.A.;
Fire Down Below;
Harum Scarum - The Movie;
Elvis and the Grammies;
Elvis and Christmas;
News in the Elvis World.

Some Sources:

- Book Elvis Day By Day, by Peter Guralnick and Ernst Jorgensen;
- Book Elvis In Hollywood, by Gerry MacLafferty;
- JNewspaper The Washington Times, 22 August 2005;
 Several web sites.

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