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Elvis 100% - Still Rockin'!
N. 40 - November/December 2007

A5 format,
40 pages, cover and back cover (content in black and white), 30 Elvis photos.
(This magazine is only available in Portuguese).

(Click to Enlarge)


Editorial - Célia Carvalho;
Movie Cycle at Cinemateca - How it Went - Célia Carvalho Click;
Jailhouse Rock / 1957 (O Prisioneiro do Rock'n'Roll) Movie in Open-Air;
Interview with Red West - 3 November 1999 Click;
Time Machine - January and February 1958;
A Candle Light Vigil and a Song in the Internet;
Elvis's Daughter Makes Duet with her Father;
First Official Elvis Impersonator is from Pensilvannia;
Song Lyrics - A Mess of Blues Click;
Discovering Elvis - José João Simões, Portugal;
An Unforgettable Gift;
Elvis, Ann-Margret: Married;
New Releases;
Elvis Mail;
Competition - The Prize and the Rules... Answer the Questions and Win! Click;
What a Great Mess, Joe! - Célia Carvalho, Portugal;
Latest News;
Listen Everybody - I Sing All Kinds;
Did Elvis Reach his Full Potencial? - Stuart Oldfield, England;
You Can Do Anything, but Lay Off my Blue Suede Shoes;
Elvis 100% at Rádio Renascença Click;
More Photos of the Dinner/Party of 18/08/2007 at D'Alma Lounge;
Supplement - Elvis's Roots.

Some Sources:

- Book Elvis Day By Day, by Peter Guralnick and Ernst Jorgensen;
- Book Elvis and Gladys, by Elaine Dundy;
- Book Elvis - His Life From A to Z, by Fred L. Worth e Steve D. Tamerius;
- Book Good Rockin' Tonight, by Joe Esposito;
- Cinemateca;
- Newspaper Diário de Notícias, 16 August 2007;
- G1 Globo;
- Magazine Movie TV Secrets, January 1964;
- Elvis Presley Enterprises;
- Several websites in the internet.

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