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"Elvis in Portugal - The Best of Elvis"
1st Extra Magazine by Elvis 100%

A4 format, 40 pages, cover and back cover in colour
(contents in black and white), 60 Elvis photos, central A3 poster in colour with photo of Change Of Habit
(This magazine is only available in Portuguese).

This magazine was released as a limited edition (40 copies).


Editorial - by 100%'s Board of Directors;
His Character - An Outstanding Young Man of AMerica;
The Image Is One Thing;
My Kind of Music;
Benefit Concerts and Charities - Homecoming;
The Best Show On Earth;
The Season of Giving (Christmas);
Those Who Knew Him - Hasn't The Lord Blessed Us, Mother?;
The Women In His Life;
What Are Friends For?;
The Hallmark of a Legend;
His Legacy - Take Care of My Fans.

Why this magazine was done:

- to inform its readers of one of the least known Elvis Presley's sides, which was his generosity;

- get extra earnings for the Fan Club's Treasury.

Some sources:

- Book The Best Of Elvis, by Cindy Hazen and Mike Freeman

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