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"100% Aloha, 2003"
4th Extra Magazine by Elvis 100%

32 pages, cover and back cover in colour
(black and white contents), 40 Elvis photos. Edition with colored cover limited to 25 numbered copies.

(SOLD OUT!)      



Editorial - 100% Board of Directors;
First Via Satellite Concert - Elvis: Aloha From Hawaii;
Press Conference, September 5th, 1972;
Press Conference, November 20th, 1972;
Arrival in Hawaii: January 9th, 1973;
The Concert: Aloha, January 14th, 1973;
I'll Remember You Song Lyrics, by Kui Lee;
Welcome to My World Lyrics and translation;
Ruler to Can't Help Falling In Love;
Bill Belew, The Man Who Created the Aloha Jumpsuit;
Elvis' Thoughts - 1972 and 1973;
Arrangements Behind Aloha;
My Way Song Lyrics and translation into Portuguese.

Why this magazine was done:

- to inform in a more detailed way what happened before, during and after Elvis TV special Aloha From Hawaii, the first ever concert to be televised via satellite all around the world, in January 1973;
- celebrate the 30th Annivesary of Aloha From Hawaii;

- reinforce the initiative "Elvis 100% 2003" - Elvis Plastic Arts and Memorabilia Exhibition Click.

Some Sources:

- Book Elvis' 73, Hawaiian Spirit, by Joe Tunzi;
- Book Elvis Word For Word, by Jerry Osborne;
- Book The Life Of Elvis Presley, by Sean Shaver;
- Book Careless Love, by Peter Guralnick;
- Book Elvis: What Happened?, by Red West, Sonny West and Dave Hebler;
- Book Elvis: The Final Years, by Jerry Hopkins;
- Book The Complete Lyrics of Elvis Presley, by Christopher Brown;
- Several Internet sites.

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