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"Elvis & Friends 2015" - 80º Aniversário de Elvis
5th Extra Magazine by Elvis 100%

51 pages, totally in color
(just in digital format and in Portuguese), almost 450 photos (including Elvis's) and 40 testimonies by people present in this party.

(Enlarge with Back Cover)

Illustrative Footage on the Party:

See 11 illustrative movies on this party, as well as read a little about this initiative.



Editorial - by Célia Carvalho;
Testimony - byFátima Santos;
Testimony - byCarmen Jácome;
Testimony - by Carlos Santos;
Testimony - by António Carlos Coimbra;
Testimony - by Francisco Pinto;
Testimony - by Sofia Pinto;
Testimony - by Victor Rodrigues;
Testimony - by Sérgio Ribeiro;
Testimony - by Mary Lu;
Photos of the Exterior and Gardens of Casa do Torreão (brief History);
Testimony - by Aura Guedes;
Testimony - by Alfredo Silva;
Testimony - by Carlos Sales;
Testimony - by Lisa Simão;
Testimony - by Isabel Lousada;
Testimony - by Reinaldo Lopes;
SIC TV Channel at Casa do Torreão Click and Click;
Release of the New CD by António Carlos Coimbra at Casa do Torreão Click;
Testimony - by Virgínia Rebelo;
Testimony - by José Rodrigues;
Testimony - by Olga Gabriel;
Testimony - by António Duarte;
Testimony - by Paulo Carmo;
Testimony - by Vítor Dinis;
The First Raffles;
Testimony - by Nazaré Oliveira;
Testimony - by Celestina Rebelo;
Testimony - by Cláudia Morelli;
A Gift for Célia, by Virgínia;
First Performance by António Carlos Coimbra;
Second Raffles;
Performance by Carlos Santos;
Testimony - by Isabel Carmo (highlighted, below);
Last Raffles;
Surprise Raffle;
Second Performance by António Carlos Coimbra;
Joint Performance by António Carlos and Carlos Santos;
Final Acknowledgments;
All Together - The Wonder of You;
Surprise Raffle - Emília Faustino;
Testimony - by Emília Faustino;
Final Moments;
Testimony - by Jorge Custódio;
Final Notes and Sponsors.

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