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This part of the website intends to serve as orientation for whomever wants to visit it and may feel a little lost... or for whomever wants to know what each part of the website contains before or without having to enter there to know. You may access the several sections also from here if you don't want to go back. So, here we go:

Every update done to this site, will be pointed out here. This way, instead of having to visit the whole website checking for news or changes, you just have to check this section, where you'll immediately find the website parts that were changed and the respective dates of the updates.

Fan Club Area

Elvis 100% has already done some charity and/or solidarity campaigns to help some institutions who needed help, in Elvis' name, since this was always the example he gave in life. Here are also described the initiatives we have done in that regard.

Once in a while the Fan Club organizes competitions for its members. It is a way of giving them a chance to win Elvis prizes (original articles). On this section there is a description of every competition we have made so far, as well as the given prizes.

Whomever wants to know what the Fan Club's goals are, this is the section to visit.

As the title shows, this concerns the history of this Fan Club, since the day that it was created until today (chronologicaly ordered, from the most recent date until the oldest).

Elvis 100% has been doing several initiatives throughout the years, all of them originating meetings of Elvis fans: social lunches, Elvis movies screenings, etc. In here you may find a detailed description of each one of those initiatives, together with photos that register the several moments (chronologically ordered, from the most recent initiative date until the oldest).

If you want to know the magazines that this fan club has edited throughout the years, this is the section for you. It contains a detailed description of each magazine's content, as well as its respective cover and price. Besides the bimonthly magazine that the Fan Club edits, there are also the special editions/magazines, also detailed in this section (chronologically ordered, from the most recent magazine until the oldest).

Whenever Elvis 100% was mentioned in the press and/or media (newspapers, magazines, radio, television, internet), those references were included in this section in the form of an article, quote, description, etc. Whenever possible, photos also are published.

In this section the statutes under which Elvis 100% functions may be found. 

Elvis Area

In this section an Elvis Presley biography can be found, a very brief one, since his is a long story. This biography is accordingly illustrated with photos.

Here is a resume of Elvis's discography can be found, the one released during his lifetime and also after 1977, by his official recording companies, Sun Records and RCA Victor, as well as by Follow That Dream and still by other less known recording companies.

Elvis Gallery
One of the most appreciated sections of the website! On this space you can find photos of the King, from the several decades of his life and different phases of his career.

Elvis' VOICE
In this section you will find quotes about Elvis's singing talent and voice. Included are comments currently available either on the internet, in reference guides, encyclopedias, or books, made by music editors, producers and songwriters; record company CEO´s; theater critics; music professors, publishers and commentators; recording sound engineers; musicians in the Classical, Pop, Blues, Gospel, R&B, Soul, Rock, C&W and Latin-American music fields; voice teachers and coaches; rock and popular music historians; and writers on the Humanities, the Arts, as well as on Social, Racial, Literary, Copyright-Law and other related studies.

Here you can read on detailed information about the movies and documentaries Elvis did in his lifetime.

Section dedicated to interviews, either given by Elvis, or by people that are related to him because they're relatives, colleagues or friends.

Section exclusively dedicated to the stagewear Elvis wore on stage (1969-1977), with detailed information on each one of the clothes, photos (whenever possible), present whereabouts of the clothes, lists of concerts where Elvis used them and galleries of photos of Elvis on stage. Quite interesting for those who enjoy this so importante part of Elvis career!

Secttion dedicated to several Elvis quotes, either by himself or by other performers on him. A quick way to know a little about the myth.

In this section you may find the lyrics of songs that Elvis recorded and/or sang, a translation into Portuguese (just available in the Portuguese version of this website), a brief historial on each song and where they were released. Some are also available as background music.

Fans Area

Art Gallery
This section also contains photos of the king, but by the hand of Elvis fans. Some are accredited artists in the Elvis world, some are just his fans who are art orientated. Whoever wanted to exhibit his/her works on this website were - and are - quite welcome.

Become Member
Here you can find a brief description of how you can become a member of Elvis 100%, the fees and what you obtain in return. 

Some elements/members of this Fan Club have experienced some moments that we consider as elvistic: trips to places that are Elvis related, people from the Elvis world that they have met, concerts they have attended, etc... This section contains their stories, together with the respective photos that illustrate their experiences (chronologically ordered, from the most recent experience until the oldest).

Here is a compilation of several opinions that we have been collecting during the existence of Elvis 100%, coming from several sources, people (fans or non-fans), about our fan club, its activities, its magazine, initiatives, etc. It helps to describe this fan club, but with words, the impartiality being the most important factor of this section.

Portuguese Vinyl
Since several Elvis fans find interesting to collect Elvis vinyl records (rarer by the moment), we have a section dedicated to the records that have been released in Portugal, at least of those that we are awar of. Here you can see its covers and some aditional information.

100% Famous
Following some experiences that the Elvis fans and members of this Fan Club also experienced, this section includes just some comprovative photos of those experiences: autographed photos by people of the Elvis world, photos with friends and musicians, etc... so, it's the section dedicated to the famous people connected to Elvis.

Obviously this is the section with the information regarding the fan club's contacts and how we can be reached.


Kathy Westmoreland
Area dedicated to the soprano singer who sang with Elvis from 1970 until 1977, where she shares with Elvis 100% stories told and experienced in first hand.

Here links to other Elvis sites can be found, as well as Elvis homepages by fans, other fan club web sites, sites by members of Elvis 100% and other associations or groups that have helped to promote our fan club and which Elvis 100% is pleased to advertise, too.

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