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Read Elvis 100%'s members opinions on several aspects of the fan club and its activities.



“What I thought when I have received the first magazine (N. 81) was confirmed when I received the second (N. 82). It is very well conceived and beautiful. Of course that the fact it is now in color helps and a lot, but it's easy to perceive that there are things that didn't change (thank goodness), i.e., the rigor and love with which it is made. I was one of those who accepted the change to digital format and I am not regretful. Congratulations to Elvis 100% for everything you do and also to all members for showing their good taste, for being members because, essentially, they love the best artist of all times." - Henrique Carvalho, Portugal.

"I loved the digital magazine (N. 81), congrats for the quality of the themes and the spreading, which is PERFECT; on the contents there isn't anything to say, only to enjoy article upon article. It's really wonderful!" - Kim Meira, Brazil.

"I quite enjoyed what I've seen and read (N. 81) - Carlos Sales, Portugal.

"I really enjoy the digital format, not only everything comes in color, as I can zoom in and upon directly the links of the sites, very practical!" – Ana Domingues, Portugal.

"I am loving this edition of the digital version, for two reasons: it is much better to keep, the space occupied in a CD is mininum, which is great!!! The second reason are the photos, which are crystal clear and it's easier to keep them and organize an album. Congrats, very well done job. Besides, nothing different could be expected from you." - Fernanda Bacelar, Portugal.

"I cannot say that I have felt surprised with the quality of the magazine (N. 81) because, as you have already proved to everyone, you are committed on your work and you ensure the quality of what you do. It's quite good. It's captivating and it's read with pleasure. There aren't long and boring articles." – Orlando Jarra, Portugal.

"I saw the digital magazine (N. 81) and, in my opinion, it's quite good, I can even say, excellent." – Tito Seixas, Portugal.

"Regarding the magazine (N. 81), I loved it, it's 40 pages to read... a lot of information on him, people who talk about his voice... even the members who celebrate their birthdays during the months 09/10 of 2014... everything very well illustrated, quite well conceived... Congrats to everyone who has helped for the online digital format of the magazine." – Célia Morelli, Brasil.

“I've already received magazine number 75 and I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the attention you have given to the member Aníbal Simão (Click) and his barber shop! It was a nice surprise to see you all in the photos and felt a little the sharing of that visit. The natural, spontaneous and tender meeting can be felt in the photos that have captured the moment... We even felt a bit of you all! It was also through you that I have met Mr. Aníbal Simão e because I know him, the reading of this tribute immediately captured my attention. Bless you for spreading bits of happiness everywhere! Love." Sandra Figueira, Portugal.

"Being a member with less years in the Fan Club, I am an unconditional fan of the excellent work the board of direction of Elvis 100% has been doing (and, in this case, a special word for Célia Carvalho, for the unusual dedication and love that she puts into this project). I follow, although by distance, the work done by some fan clubs spread around the World and I can testify of the great quality and information that we all receive at home, be it through the magazine, Facebook or website. We don't fall small before anyone. For that reason and since I've became a member, I've acquired all copies of the magazine that I didn't have and inclusively special editions. Me and Fábio (my son), are attentive readers of the magazine, from cover to cover. When the Fan Club announced that it would promote a competition (Click), me and Fábio decided to participate. On a Saturday, in a camping park of Costa da Caparica, after lunch, it was the moment to sit down and start to decipher the respective answers. I was convinced that we all the right answers, but we participated for the joy of participating. This is a competition that, in my opinion, gives us pleasure to participate: we all have something in common (we like Elvis, his music, his being, his story) and it's one of those competitions that, whoever wins, it's always one of 'us'. I was quite pleased and surprised for having won the competition (it took me almost 44 years to win one!!!!). The only drawback was knowing that I was just 1 of 2 competitors that have participated. I thought of the people who run the Fan Club, with all the work and dedication that they have, to think of activities for the members to participate, so they can have more than a magazine to read every two months and, in the end, having an almost nul participation. It is not stimulant at all. We all should think about this. As for the prize, one word: Excellent!!! I didn't have this CD, it is one more that enriches my collection that I have been growing over the years. I listened to it and quite enjoyed it, it is a good show. But I am suspect, since I simply love to listen to Elvis singing. He is unique. Once again, I thank the Fan Club, for all the work they have been developing over the years and keep it up!!! As for myself, as a member, I will be here to say 'present' anytime it is possible for me. Bless you all." Paulo Marques, Portugal.

"I've just received the magazine (Click). I was very happy and surprised with its quality, both visual and editorial. Excellent magazine. I should congratulate you!!" Donizete Augusto, Brazil.

"I've received the magazines today!! I loved the magazines, quite well done, with the covers quality being very good. Congratulations. I want to make a subscription." Waldenir Cecon, Brazil.

"I write to accuse reception of your Magazine of May/June 2005 Click, of which I read all articles on the same day. And I have to confess that I find its contents extraordinary. I particularly enjoyed the interviews, which can always be revealing. You have indeed developped an excellent work. Soon I'll be sending a postal order to acquire the previous 4 issues of the magazine and I intend to gradually obtain all copies, since I'm a voracious reader. I visit your website quite often and I think it's a very complete and attractive one. I found it in a site where many other fan clubs around the world can be found. As I use the Internet in my work post, I still didn't have the time to absorb all pages as the site deserves, but I promise to do it, since it really deserves all my attention. I will be very watchful to your news and I congratulate you, once again, for the courage, dedication and professionalism with which you do this work, Always Elvis." Nuno Meireles, Portugal.

"Thank you for the participation in this exhibition. Click I hope you'll keep on organizing more biennials so the memory of Elvis will last forever." Maria Aurora Bargado (plastic artist), Portugal.

"An exhibition Click on Elvis makes us go back in time, to the Fifties, the garage parties, the turntables, the cars with fish tails, the highschool. It is an always updated inititiave, on a star that disappeared for a brief instant." Eduardo Perestrello (plastic artist), Portugal.

"Art is also a way of transforming what's banal into something sublime. Even though the world is full with Elvis images, these artists were able to give us a precious gift. Thank you so much!"
Click Manuela Marques (plastic artist), Portugal.

"It is this sort of initiative Click that makes me happy and remember my teenage days. God bless you!" Pulk (plastic artist), Portugal.

"Congratulations for the organization of this event of yours at Padrão dos Descobrimentos
Click. What a shame that we can't have more of these every weekend...!" Jorge Branco, Portugal.

"This event at the Padrão dos Descobrimentos monument was fabulous Click. Fernanda and I would like to thank you for the organization and for the good moments. Whenever another event will take place, we'll definitely be there!" Daniel Bacelar, Portugal.

"Your magazine is absolutely wonderful, thank you so much for all your support and enthusiasm." Glenda Ivey, United States of America, author of the Elvis book, Wings On A Guitar.

"I’m so thrilled at being featured in such a well published magazine. From the first page you can see how much time goes into creating this magazine. It is DEFINITELY a labour of love and I found myself lost in reading so many articles. When I found Glenda Ivey’s pages, I felt like a kid at Christmas morning. Thank you ever so much for all the publicity you did." Suzie Housley, United States of America, publicist to the Elvis literary works of the author Glenda Ivey.

"Your magazines are very well put together professionally and I am very honoured to be a member of your club." H.T. Long, Malaysia.

"I received all your edited magazines and I feel very happy with them. I've noticed that they contain many photos that I have never seen before and I feel delighted." Ticia Beudet, France.

"I've read both English magazines several times and I am quite impressed. This most definitely is one of the very best mags I have ever read in all my life. I really do believe that Elvis 100% is going to be very successful indeed, it is going to be one of the biggest Elvis clubs around. I have told all my penfriends about it and that the mag is outstanding. You are all doing a really excellent and outstanding job and I'm very proud of you all." Stuart Oldfield, England.

"I think the fan club's magazine is very interesting. There is no article that I don't feel like reading, or read in a hurry. I'd like to highlight the graphic aspect and the printing of the magazine. Quality. Click. I think I must congratulate you all, you're doing an excellent job." Miguel Santos, Portugal.

"It seems to me that this Fan Club has got a project with future prospectives." Carlos Silva, Portugal.

"June 2nd (2001) was a day to remember, since a social lunch promoted by the Board of Directors took place Click. I took the opportunity to buy the ELVIS EM PORTUGAL magazine, which I recommend to each member, not only for the great research work involved, but also for the graphism, which is excellent and the contents of the magazine, which reveals sides and less known facts by Elvis fans and the general public. It is highly recommendable." Serafim Cortizo, Portugal.

"I want to express my joy for being a part of this Fan Club, which promises to be the greatest success! I think you are doing a very tasteful work, very well elaborated, the texts are great, the themes are quite varied, everything is really good! Such work will definitely call the attention of everybody and I am sure that those who will read the published articles will always enjoy a pleasant reading and will acquire a better knowledge on the greatest performer of this planet!" Paulo Beretta, Brazil.

"ELVIS EM PORTUGAL magazine is a magnificent work. I am very grateful to you all." Click. Miguel Santos, Portugal.

"How wonderful it is to read the fan club's magazines. It's even emotional, you know? It is wonderful to be an Elvis fan! I feel joy in reading the published articles, one can tell it is a labour of love. Starting on the covers of the magazines. Excellent photos! Every photo matching each moment of Elvis' life, it is indeed a film that runs through our minds. Congratulations for all the work you've been doing." Paulo Beretta, Brazil.

"Elvis back in the movie theaters was a surprise and an authentic BOMB. It was an initiative that left me quite moved and it was a brilliant idea from the great team which composes the Board of Directors of Elvis 100% Fan Club Click." Serafim Cortizo, Portugal.

"I really enjoyed the party you organized. You're doing a wonderful job Click." Miguel Santos, Portugal.

"This party made me go back in time and the best of it all, as far as I'm concerned, was to remember Elvis Click." Manuela Pimentão, Portugal.

"It was great to see King Creole in the movies. I loved it. Excellent subtitles translating performed, it was perfect. Everything was impeccable Click." Miguel Santos, Portugal.

"My comment on your webpage: FANTASTIC. Congratulations, excellent work." Manuel Monteiro/Hillbilly Cat, Portugal.

"Just like the name of the Fan Club goes, after having visited the web site, my comment is... it's 100%. Keep up with the good work." Carlos Silva, Portugal.

"I visited the Elvis site and it's too beautiful! I really enjoyed it, there's so much to see and read! Everything quite detailed, perfect!" Alice Oliveira, Brazil.

"I visted your web site and I think it is wonderful. I can't hardly wait for the English version of your fan club's magazine!" Tad Akasawa, Japan.

"I thought that the help you gave Casa de Betânia was wonderful Click." Paulo Beretta, Brazil.

"After the celebration of the first Fan Club's anniversary, it's great to see how much it has grown! It was mentioned on TV, in several newspapers and magazines, on the radio, it spread all over the country and it has already gone beyond our borders. For that effect, an English edition of our magazine was created - and very well so - for the members who live in foreign countries. And, better still, the club is in the internet: fantastic. It was such a successful year that to do the same or even better will be even harder. But this Board of Directors has already proven that it is ready and able to great challenges." Serafim Cortizo, Portugal.

"Congratulations for your Club for the sucess with your first charity campaign. It sounds like it was a wonderful success and that you helped out such a wonderful cause Click. Please extend our thanks and appreciation to all the members of your Club. We here at Graceland are touched by the many different charities that are helped from around the world by the hard work of Elvis Presley Fan Clubs. Thank you so much." Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc., United States of America.

"Dear Board of Directors of Elvis 100%, Congratulations on your future programme. These are entirely deserved for the enthusiasm and dedication you put in each one of your initiatives Click." Cinemateca (Portuguese Museum of Cinema), Portugal.

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