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The King Is Dead - Long Live The King

Article published by Correio da Manhã Newspaper, in 18/02/2001

A new Elvis Presley Fan Club was born

There are millions of Elvis Presley fans spread all over the world. The “King” is dead for almost 24 years, but the World does not want to forget. And if his music is still alive – one of the sentences that the “faithful” more often enjoy to use – the memory of the most popular singer in the universe does not live only from sounds. There are dozens of movies, video taped events, photographs, newspaper and magazine articles, books, etc, that the fans like to collect religiously.

Since the 21st January this year, Portugal has another Elvis fan club. It is called Elvis 100% - Still Rockin’! and it was founded by four “die hard” fans: Célia Carvalho, Sandra Raquel Santos, Carlos Santos and José João Simões. The idea to found this group was brought up around six months ago, as they explained to Correio da Manhã. “We wanted to create a fan club that would take care of Elvis and his legacy, and that would have per motto the transparency and loyalty towards all its members and fans. We want to share our taste with all the people who like him, because there is nothing better in the world than being with people who shares the same tastes,” José João started saying. 

The first goal that the fan club wants to reach is the editing of a bi-monthly magazine, “with lots of photographs,” which allows all the members to get to know about all the news. “The fans fans don’t have access to correct and regular information on Elvis, and we want to fulfill that flaw. We will promote everything that concerns the edition of new books, records, international events and conventions of fans, or even curiosities: those less known things that we find out in the Internet or through the books we order from abroad,” clarified Célia. 

Whoever wants to be a member – the annual fees is 2,500 PTE – will therefore receive 6 magazines per year, more six photographs (one per magazine), a surprise gift which will be given on your birthday. You can also take part on the contests the fan club promotes and send your articles, opinions and sketches to be published. All suggestions – as long as they’re constructive – are welcome.  

Finally, all the fans are welcome with open arms in the parties promoted for the socializing among the members. “We want to organize, at least, a party per year, which will take place around the time Elvis was born, in January, or around the time he passed away, in August,” Sandra Raquel said. “We want to organize parties that are fun, with lots of music to listen or dance to, with exchange of gifts, food and drinks and, mainly, much – and good – conversation.” 

Grow more and more 

Sandra Raquel and Carlos met because of Elvis. Today they are married – the common passion for this singer changed their lives. Now they want to share their happiness with more people. “There are many people around enjoying Elvis in this country. If that was not the case, his CD’s would sell out that fast,” reminded Carlos. “As soon as his CD’s are released, they rapidly disappear from the record stores. They are instantly sold. It must be for some reason.” 

Another goal of the fan club is, therefore, to attract as many fans as they can: the more, the better. Besides, in this regard, Portugal is a small island when compared to the rest of the World. If Elvis Presley’s fans cannot be counted, his fan clubs are registered in the Guinness Book Of World Records. “According to the Guinness Book, Elvis is the artist with more fan clubs in the World. Last year, there were 613, but this year, with the creation of our fan club, there are, at least, 614...”, Celia joked. To attract people – from 8 to 80 years old – the fan club will also have a web page, in Portuguese, English and French in order to, if possible, reach fans in other countries. “Elvis fans never get rich because they spend almost all their money buying items related to him, but they’re rich in other ways. Friendship is the most valuable thing that unites us all.” 

All interested people in getting more information about the fan club, can write to the following address: Clube Elvis 100%, Apartado 930, 2795-996 Queijas.

Note: This P.O. Box address, in force at the time this article was written, is no longer available. Please do not send correspondence to the given address.

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