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Word to Elvis Fans

Article published by Correio da Manhã Newspaper, in 04/12/2001.

Concerning the article "Moving Stories Around An Icon", on the documentary "Graceland: Elvis' Palace" (People & Arts), published on the 10th November edition of Correio da Manhã TV, Elvis 100% Fan Club sent us a text with some corrections, of which we publish an excerpt:

"On your Saturday suplement, on the 10th November, you have published an article on a documentary about Elvis Presley's home, which had some mistakes. Allow us to make the due corrections:

1) Graceland does not have or had a house for guests.
2) The first live musical experience Elvis had wasn't when he was 8, but 10 years old.
3) The number of concerts Elvis gave wasn't substancially reduced when he went to the Army - it was completely eliminated.
5) The number of singles that reached the first position in the charts wasn't 18, but 51. As for the last song reaching the first position, it wasn't Suspicious Minds in 1969, but Way Down in 1977.
6) Elvis, during the final years of his life, was dependant on many medical drugs. He was a victim of a massive

heart attack due to the combination of several medicines acting together. The cause of death was polipharmacy, as the autopsy and death certificate reveal. No traces of illegal drugs were found in his body. As for the fact that he saw his pretensions harmed, we inform that in the more than one thousand concerts that Elvis gave only in the 70's, he never performed for a single vacant seat, having always sold out the concert tickets.
7) Priscilla's maiden name was Beaulieu and not Wagner. Wagner was the surname of her biological father, but as she was adopted when she was a baby by her stepfather, she was given his name."

Board of Directors of Elvis 100% Fan Club - Queijas

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