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RTP1 TV Channel Remembers The King

Contest presented by Passeio dos Alegres TV programme, in August 2002.

On the contrary to what Elvis 100%’s Board of Directors expected, the 25 years since Elvis Presley’s passing is news in Portugal. It’s not every year that so much attention is given to Elvis in our country, but this is indeed a special year, Elvis is a bit every where.

During the month of August, the TV programme of Channel 1, Passeio dos Alegres, hosted by the “legendary” Júlio Isidro, held an impersonator’s competition of the King, for which Elvis 100% was invited on the last minute (*) to join in as member of the jury. We accepted the challenge, this competition was a first in the Portuguese TV, and we took pride in joining in. We are a fan club that doesn’t even has two years of existence and it is good to feel that we are trusted for this type of event. We also thank our member Humberto Ladeira, since he was a fundamental element in this process.

The contestants weren’t all Elvis fans, but the prize – a trip to Graceland – was tempting enough. One of the contestants made his own jumpsuit with the help of his girlfriend, while the other 4 just preferred to rent or merely combine a few pieces of their personal wardrobe in order to look like Elvis. The questions & answers part eliminated 2 of them. The questions were generally, very easy. But even so, one of the contestants didn’t remember the name of the town where Elvis was born.

The final was decided among the 3 remaining contestants who interpreted the themes Love Me Tender and Blue Suede Shoes. The winner was, without a doubt, the best one and he deserved the trip to Graceland. This competition had 5 contestants while, at the beginning, 20 sent their subscriptions. Elvis 100% had the opportunity to thank Júlio Isidro for this initiative because, as humble as it may have been, it was another honest and deserved tribute to the King of Rock’n’Roll.

(*) When we were informed about this competition, only 2 days for the subscriptions deadline and the beginning of the shooting were missing.

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