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Winner of Renancença's Radio Competiton
- My Guitar - 

José João, with António Freire, from Renascença Radio.
Contest of Renascença Radio,  presented by Companhia da Música programme, in November 2002. José João Simões, winner of the contest, with António Freire.

It was with great pleasure, joy and pride that I participated in a competition that Renascença Radio organized (103.4, in Lisbon). The programme is called “Companhia da Música” (Music Company) and the host is Mr. António Freire. It’s a daily radio show, that is broadcasted between 02.00 and 04.00 pm, with many competitions, pastimes and, above all, many enjoyable moments. The competition lasted for 15 days and it consisted in questions/answers on the life and career of “ours truly”, Elvis Presley. The rules were very simple. Three questions were asked on a daily basis and each contestant answered alternatively, with an extra question when the contestants reached the same results, if needed. The winner contestant immediately passed on to the following day, until two final contestants reached the final phase (one during the first week and another during the second week).

The prize was a very attractive one—a gorgeous Epiphone Elvis PR-200 guitar (by a Division of Gibson Musical Instrumental), with an authenticity certificate and numbered (mine is 126-2002).

Six were the days of my anguish, since I was only able to enter the game on Tuesday of the second week because many people participated in this contest and I’m glad they did, since I found out that even 25 years after Elvis’ passing, he still has got many fans in Portugal. The final was decide between a lady from O’Porto and I. She also had very good results during the first week.

A few days after the competition was over, someone called me from Renascença Radio to hand me over the prize, but they could only do it during a live broadcasting. I was very nervous, but on November 27th, there I went. I asked for a free afternoon in my job and they kindly gave it to me.

When I arrived at RR, I was welcomed very nicely, introduced to Mr. António Freire. We talked for a little while on Elvis and about how my interest in him had first started (he gave me the guitar only after that). After chatting for a few moments, the moment to go to live broadcasting came, where I was interviewed during approximately 15 minutes. During our conversation, I explained how and when I started to like Elvis and there was still time to mention our Fan Club and some of our activities.

In spite of the nerves, I think it turned out pretty well! When I was saying goodbye, I still had time to present to RR, in the person of Mr. António Freire, an Elvis 100%’s advertising kit. At the time of writing two other competitions are taking place and the prize is also a guitar (Correio da Manhã Newspaper and Nostalgia Radio). I’m trying to see if I can start up a collection…!

José João Simões

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