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Elvis Presley Art Biennial

Article published by Correio da Manhã Newspaper, in 30/03/2003.

Regarding this article, we have to say that the inauguration date of the Biennial isn't on November 15, as it is mentioned in the article, but on November 7, 2003.

The inscriptions are open for the first Plastic Arts Biennial on the "king of rock", Elvis Presley, which should take place on November 15. The biennial will accommodate the exhibition and competition areas.

The plastic artists who may be interested in joining in, they can present works in the following modalities: glazed tiles ceramic, ceramic, drawing, sculpture and painting; all of these modalities and techniques of execution are accepted.

The theme (which is compulsory) of the works is Elvis Presley. Each artist can participate with two works in each modality, maximum.

For competition purposes, exhibition and catalogue, the candidates should send a closed adressed envelope with their artistic name, curriculum, contacts, value and photo of the works, until June 20th, to the following address: Henrique Tigo, Rua Damião Góis, Nº. 32 - 6º. Dto. 2700-226 Amadora. For more information, visit the site "www.elvis100.250x.com" (*).

(*) This used to be the previous website address of Elvis 100%. The present one is the one you're visiting.


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